Performance upgrades

Today we’re here to announce that we’ve made performance updates to our website. Result of the updates is the fact that the website is a lot more stable and loads faster than it used to do.

The update process isn’t fully complete yet as we’re tweaking it even more. But for now: start enjoying the faster load! :-)


Google Chrome to drop Java

Google Chrome to drop Java, the preferred browsers of 49% of Internet users will deprecate in 2015 support for some plugins causing hangs and crashes, including Microsoft Silverlight and Java. These technologies are widely used today in digital pathology slide viewing software applications. For digital pathology community it means that software vendors will have to re-tool in order to stay compliant with Chrome and customers will have to pay closer attention to slide viewing technology while selecting digital pathology solutions.

Chrome starting from Chrome version 42. Google expects to release this version to everyone next month and most people will get it as an automatic update.
This is a result of Google removing support for lots of plugins, including Java (which RuneScape uses). Websites that use Silverlight, Unity Web Player etc will also be affected.

RSCRevolutions' banner

RSCRevolutions: Server Spotlight

Notice: Server spotlight is NOT a paid advertising posts, any server with interesting content and ideals may be published.

Today’s guests on server spotlight is the server known as RSCRevolution is a rare find considering the small populous of RuneScape Classic servers. Until very recently they have been struggling with their server population running between 15-30 online players for a period of time. We are joined by ‘n0m’ and ‘Fate’, both work on RSCRevolutions.

That is until recently they discovered a break-through; RSCRevolution’s co-owner n0m created RuneQuest, a mobile application version of their server. This application is spreading like wildfire on many sites such as Reddit, Twitter and other sources. RuneLocus is very curious as to why and how this came to be. Fate claims that they now have now 100 online concurrent users on their server since RuneQuest.

Now that the introduction is over, let us get to the questions. From here on Fate is referred to as ‘F’ and n0m as ‘N’.

Q: What brought you to the RuneScape Private Server commmunity? Was there something that displeased you about RuneScape?

N: Jagex/RuneScape never displeased me, I was just browsing around internet and came across a version of RuneScape where you could achieve levels and get gear much faster and they had unique things, that got me interested in how it was possible to do that so I started reading around and started learning Java. I joined private server scene somewhere around 06-07, there were a lot of RSC veterans who made their own private servers and with the help from them I learned to make mine. I have been playing around with RuneScape Classic for almost 6 year straight.

F: I started to play RuneScape classic when I was very young (6-7? years old). Back then we were a big group of friends playing the game at our local library where I live. My friends and I did this for years so when RuneScape Classic closed down I was the only one from our little RuneScape Group who searched for a RSC Private server. Jagex never displeased me, I love the game and I know many people have the same feeling to the game as me and that’s why I try to keep it alive and give people the big nostalgia of their childhood times.