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What’s The Most Useful Runescape Skill?

Usually on Wednesdays I’ve been doing polls but this week I want to have an open discussion. We’d like everyone to participate and debate on which skill in Runescape they think is the most useful. Imagine if you could only pick one skill to train per accounts, what skill would that be? Why would you pick that skill?  Make sure to be polite and explain yourself while debating.

If this debate goes well, we’ll be sure to hold other debates down the road!

Thread Tuesday: Would You Spend 1 Year In Jail For $1M?

For Thread Tuesday this week we’re going to be showcasing a thread that brings an interesting poll and question to table. If you got paid 1,000,000 dollars ($1m) would you spend one whole year in jail?

The thread states the following..


So would you spend 1 whole year in prison for 1 million dollars if you were ever given the chance? It’d be an average prison, you’d be given food everyday, a place to sleep and all the other things a prison is required to give you.

Some Pros

  • You get a million dollars
  • You get free food
  • You have time to work out and read
  • You could become someones bitch and get raped.
  • You could get killed
  • You could get really bored and want to die

Vote on the poll above and let me know in the comments below why or why not you would do this?

Thread URL:


Let us know in the comments of the thread! If you’re not already a member our forums you should become one as soon as possible!


Meme Monday: Back In My Day

Remember the good old days in Runescape where when clicked the teleport home button and it actually teleported you to Lumbridge and not wherever you want to go in the world. The satisfaction of getting somewhere after a long walk in Runescape was rewarding and over the past few years they’ve been implanting things in the game to make it easier to appeal to the masses. Some people like the new teleportation system and others don’t, what do you think about it?