Holiday Giveaway Contest – Win 50M RS Gold

It is time for our Holiday Giveaway Contest! As per the choices in the poll posted earlier, it appears the main prize was picked to be 50M RuneScape gold.

To join the contest, we want to know more about our users so we’re asking for the following information in the comments below:

  • What event or person(s) introduced you to RuneScape Private Servers and RuneLocus?
  • What do you enjoy most about Private Servers over real RuneScape? Or if you do not, why not?
  • What feature(s) of RuneLocus do you enjoy most? Or if any, are you missing any features on RuneLocus?

Please post your answers in the comment section (no registration required) of this blog post (click ‘Read More’ in case you’re on the homepage). Please also leave a RuneLocus forum profile name that RuneLocus can contact you on. Don’t have a forum account yet? Register one here!

The more detailed the post, the more likely it will win. That is all, best of luck to the winner!


RSPS Toplist cheater clean-up

We have removed thousands of cheated votes from tens of RuneScape private servers on our RSPS toplist. Besides that, we’ve also banned a handful of these cheating RS private servers. Some of these were originally even ranked between the top RuneScape private servers.

May thisbe clear: RuneLocus is and will remain the one and only legit RSPS toplist where cheaters are punished. Cheating your votes doesn’t get you anywhere, and it will never be allowed, no matter how large or small your server is. Just don’t do it.

Do you think or know a specific server is cheating? Help us by reporting the server on our forum!


POLL: More openness in toplist moderation

Should we publish a list of cheaters?

Every RSPS top server list has cheating servers on it, but not all of these toplists do something about it.

We are and have always been doing our best to fight cheating since the start of this website, but since this month we’re doing it actively and better than ever. However, there’s one problem.

You, the user, usually think we don’t because it’s hard to notice if a random server appeared from the list. We’re wondering if you’d be interested in more openess in our toplist moderation. Would you appreciate it and eventually gain more trust in us if we publish regular lists (weekly?) of servers we have banned or have removed votes from?

Please give us your opinion!

An example list could be:

“01/01/2015 – Server A – Banned
02-01-2015 – Server X – Reset: 400 votes removed
02-01-2015 – Server X – Banned for evading a previous ban”