Writing catchy slogans for your RSPS

In the past weeks I’ve been browsing through tens of server entries on the RuneScape private server toplist and noticed something extra ordinary: a major amount of the RS private servers use the same slogan (or a similar one). But this wasn’t all I noticed… none of these slogans were catchy at all and I was even annoyed when I saw a brand new RSPS with not even three registered members using the slogan “#1 private server on the web”. Come on, where is the creativity? Where is the honesty?

Here are three of the most important tips for writing a catchy and creative slogan for your RuneScape private server.

1. Keep it simple

Always keep in mind that your slogan and logo are only effective if the (potential) players of your RuneScape private server can understand it quickly.

You’ll have a few seconds attention from the player, so a slogan like “the best RuneScape private server with pking worlds since 2014” won’t get you anywhere. Slogans over one sentence won’t get you anywhere neither, nor will slogans with ‘five dollar words’ like “anthropomorphic“. What you need is simplicity.

Good examples:


Fake RuneLocus domain and Holiday Giveaway Update.

It has been brought to our attention that a fake RuneLocus domain that closely resembles RuneLocus is being used to redirect users to another toplist. Whether or not the domain was bought by the managers of the other toplist is irrelevant. The domain owner can easily use it to infect visitors, as always we remind you that the only site for RuneLocus is runelocus.com.

On the lighter side, I will be picking the winners of our shortly! Keep watching your forum private messages from Cart. Thanks to everyone who has entered our giveaway, keep an eye out for more in the future!

Winners: Fatal Resort & Sir Seppe. For those who weren’t chosen, worry not we’ll have other giveaways in the future!


Holiday Giveaway Contest – Win 50M RS Gold

It is time for our Holiday Giveaway Contest! As per the choices in the poll posted earlier, it appears the main prize was picked to be 50M RuneScape gold.

To join the contest, we want to know more about our users so we’re asking for the following information in the comments below:

  • What event or person(s) introduced you to RuneScape Private Servers and RuneLocus?
  • What do you enjoy most about Private Servers over real RuneScape? Or if you do not, why not?
  • What feature(s) of RuneLocus do you enjoy most? Or if any, are you missing any features on RuneLocus?

Please post your answers in the comment section (no registration required) of this blog post (click ‘Read More’ in case you’re on the homepage). Please also leave a RuneLocus forum profile name that RuneLocus can contact you on. Don’t have a forum account yet? Register one here!

The more detailed the post, the more likely it will win. That is all, best of luck to the winner!