Meme Monday: Good Guy


Back in the day remember when you where really bored? I personally do and I remember clearly that I would just go around helping people, now I know that this can vary from person to person but I know a lot of people used to do this. Let us know in the comments if you where a good player and helped or lured noobs to there death in the wilderness!

Throwback Thursday: Falador Massacre

runescape private server revision poll

Ah.. The Falador Massacre, this is said to be one of the both funniest and annoying glitches/bugs that has ever happened in Runescape. The Falador Massacre occurred in world 111 and took place in… you guessed it Falador! This glitch basically occurred when the first player who got 99 construction had a party at his player owned house to celebrate. When players fought one another or did anything combat related inside the house they where then given the ability to somehow attack players when they went back into the main game.  Some how everyone got kicked from the house at once which then put everyone back in the game with the abilities.

With people with these abilities flocking to major Runescape cities and taking people the Jagex moderators found it hard to control the event. Eventually they got it all under control and banned anyone who took part in the massacre. Jagex later released that over 2,000,000 (2 billion) coins where lost during the glitch. Below is a video of some footage captured during the massacre.


Do you have a story about the Falador massacres? Let us know here!