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RuneScape Item ID List

Find any RuneScape item and its details (IDs, model information, prices, etc.) in the RuneScape item ID list. With our instant search functions, additional information and clear pictures, there's no other RuneScape itemdb that matches the quality of ours. Enjoy! ;-)

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Are you looking for a RuneScape private server, but do you have no clue where to start? RuneLocus is founder of the largest top list of RuneScape private servers. The list contains the best, most popular RuneScape private servers. There's always a RSPS that fits your needs.

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How to make a RuneScape private server

Dreaming of having a golden crown next to your name, unlimited money and the highest levels? Well, we'll help you make that dream come true. Follow our easy step-by-step tutorial to create your very own RuneScape private server, and you'll be the owner of a RSPS within an hour or two. So... what are you waiting for?

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Some servers we support:

Mikescape servers -3...

Server 1

Revision: 317
Currently: Online


Server 2

Revision: 317
Currently: Offline

Chaos realm win $500...

Server 3

Revision: 317
Currently: Online

Boomscape 742 - item...

Server 4

Revision: 718
Currently: Online

Guilds of veldahar -...

Server 5

Revision: 317
Currently: Online

Eradicationx 749

Server 6

Revision: 719
Currently: Online