Meme Monday: Internet Friends



Every modern day gamer has there fair share of internet friends,  most of us play games with people from all around the world and often become friends with these people. You get to experience different cultures and meet new people all from the comfort of your computer seat, amazing right?

Throwback Thursday: Tour Of Jagex Game Studio

A few years ago Jagex posted a tour of the Jagex Game Studio to there main YouTube channel.  It was posted in 2009 and we thought it’d make an amazing throwback Thursday for this week as when it didn’t get that much attention when it initially came out.  It’s amazing how much work when into the company that created the game that allows us to create our own games, funny how it works right?

Would You Play Runescape On A Console?

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Would You Play Runescape On A Console?

Over the past few years myths and rumors of one of the biggest MMORPGs that this world has ever seen will soon be coming to console. Of course, every single one of these claims has been fake and or just a bunch of hype. The Runescape CEO has stated the he does want Runescape on Tablets and may have hinted a little that eventually it will move onto consoles (Possibly Next-Gen?) but that was last year and we haven’t heard anything of it since.

The main question is would you play Runescape on a console of the opportunity arose? Why would/wouldn’t you play and how much would you be willing to pay to play? Do you think this would be a good business move on Jagexs part or not?

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