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Thread Tuesday: Runelocus Teamspeak

rsps blog for rl

Would you be interested in participating in a Teamspeak channel dedicated to Runelocus? You could use it to talk about Runescape Private Servers, coordinate and plan PKing events, meet other people who play the same server as you and discuss general things like movies, TV shows and more. Would this be something you’d be interested in? Get in on the discussion here!

Meme Monday: New Messages


Don’t you love waking up in the morning to new messages? Especially when the message is one from Jagex saying that you where banned? This is defiantly a screen that we all dread and usually what follows this is sadness, then anger then sadness. You then say that you’re leaving Runescape forever you that it’s time for you to grow up. Guess where you are 2 weeks later? You’re on a fresh account in Lumbridge starting all over of course!