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  1. Coming in 2017 to RuneLocus

    Greetings, As 2017 rolls in we’re celebrating a decade of RuneLocus with various core updates and even more features for our user base. Below are some planned updates we’re looking into adding to RuneLocus. We will announce when these projects will become in-development.  Signature of the Month: We look to bring this back, hosting various […]

  2. Throwback Thursday: RuneScape 2.

    RuneScape 2 was launched on 29 March 2004. Players’ stats and quest history were copied over to RS2, which became known only as RuneScape to reflect its status as the main game, one last time. Several RuneScape 1 servers were also left online, and it was officially named “RuneScape Classic”. Players were given the choice […]

  3. Site-wide Rollback image

    Hello, Due to a critical issue we encountered during forum maintenance we released a site-wide rollback to the our latest backup the 4th of February. We are currently working to have all our services restored and the site will continue further maintenance. We apologize for any service interruptions the maintenance may have caused. Have a […]

  4. Major RuneLocus update – IPS Community Suite image

    Today we’re here to announce a new, major update to the RSPS forum of RuneLocus. For many years we have been using the well-known vBulletin forum software, but as technology moves on, it was about time our RSPS forum does the same. Therefore we have, after many suggestions made by you, successfully converted our forum to […]

  5. Google Chrome to drop Java image

    Google Chrome to drop Java, the preferred browsers of 49% of Internet users will deprecate in 2015 support for some plugins causing hangs and crashes, including Microsoft Silverlight and Java. These technologies are widely used today in digital pathology slide viewing software applications. For digital pathology community it means that software vendors will have to […]

  6. Throwback Thursday: RuneScape 2 Character Sprites

    Were you around the earlier years of RuneScape? We were! The question is; can you name all of these RuneScape 2 character sprites?

  7. Fake RuneLocus domain and Holiday Giveaway Update. image

    It has been brought to our attention that a fake RuneLocus domain that closely resembles RuneLocus is being used to redirect users to another toplist. Whether or not the domain was bought by the managers of the other toplist is irrelevant. The domain owner can easily use it to infect visitors, as always we remind […]

  8. Holiday Giveaway Contest – Win 50M RS Gold image

    It is time for our Holiday Giveaway Contest! As per the choices in the poll posted earlier, it appears the main prize was picked to be 50M RuneScape gold. To join the contest, we want to know more about our users so we’re asking for the following information in the comments below: What event or person(s) […]

  9. Upcoming RuneLocus Giveaway

    Hello RuneLocus users, We at Runelocus strongly believe in giving back to our community. RuneLocus is the only major RuneScape Private Server top-list to give back to it’s users and we will continue doing so. In the past we’ve had a $275.00 giveaway and this time we feel the upcoming holidays would be a perfect […]