March, the month in which we defeated vote bots!

RSPS fans! We’ve reached the end of the month March. The month in which we have announced that we would be taking heavy action against voting bots and cheaters in general.

Did we succeed? Yes, we did. In fact, the results are stunning. In just 23 days time we have manually:

  • filtered more than 140.000 botted votes;
  • filtered more than 13.000 votes made by multi-voters;
  • banned 18 servers, whereof 8 were in the top 10 of the top RSPS list;
  • unbanned 15 of those 18 servers, who’re now using the top RSPS list without any forms of cheating.
  • The average ban length was 5 days. One server has been banned for 19 days.

Next to these amount of votes, our toplist has also automatically filtered an additional…. 80.000 suspicious votes.
Amazing, but shocking numbers!

The numbers of votes on the RSPS list are now more legitimate than ever before. In fact, there’s heavy competition on the list. Servers are really close to each other and can outrank each other with just small numbers of votes. This is what a top RSPS list should look like! Entertaining, competing and honest. We’re glad and proud that RuneLocus is the one and only RSPS list that meets those criteria.

Of course we’ll be continuing this work next month. The team has prepared for the monthly toplist reset. This month is going to start cleaner than ever before, good luck to all fair RuneScape private servers!

  • Cart

    The results are crystal clear, ending around 25,000 votes compared to 40,000+ last couple of months.
    Well done moderation team.

  • Hassan Zaib

    Can we name and shame offendeing servers?
    I’m aware it’s not always the fault of the server staff, because any individual can mass vote for rewards or get a rival server removed from a Toplist, but they could surely do more to prevent multiple rewards handed to the same Username/IP/MAC address.

    • RuneLocus

      Well, we have an open moderation log. You can find it in the sidebar. It doesn’t list server names, but ID’s. You can easily look the ID’s up in the URL’s of servers on the toplist to find the names.

  • rspsgamesss
    “BIG” servers like Alora and Soulplay can cheat every day and no bann? LOL

    • RuneLocus

      Alora and SoulPlay are not cheating. They have been #1 and #2 since the reset of the month and were not getting any botted votes. Since the moment we have banned Moparscape, FuriousPK and Runique earlier this month, Alora and SoulPlay suddenly started getting botted votes. Doesn’t make any sense at all, seeing as they’re already ranked on top. We’re assuming someone’s trying to get them banned for cheating, most likely one of the jealous, banned servers.