Question: Who would win?

The age old question asked on RuneLocus, who would win?

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Credit: Redditor /u/JoshPlaysRS

  • antimonius

    99 def

  • Digikass

    99 att ez win

  • def op

    def ezpz

  • superdefwin

    99 def ezpz how attack gunna hit with no str to back it up

  • Chance

    99 Deff because you can block more plus you have 99 health and attack is noob no one has bonus in how much you hit but how much can get hit and 99 deff is much better

  • 99def

    def wins;

    99 att is kind of balanced out by the 99 defence, meaning 99 att will not hit since 99 def is equally as good and should tank it, yet 99 def will also get more hits on 99 attack due to 99 attack having no defence at all

  • Dys

    I call a win for Defence.

  • RecklessPk Cxn

    99 Attack and Strength would win

  • Joel Hedman

    attack easily

  • zarif

    99 def ezz

  • Andre Santos

    99 attack

  • emanuel pettersson

    99 attack

  • i hit u quit

    99 atack

  • Im a Kike

    Why not ask and just find out?

  • ziggax

    99 attack

  • Liron Barakat

    99 attack , the reason? attacker keeps attacking the defender.. eventually will win.. the defender will eventually lose cause he can’t attack back…:)

  • charlii

    99 def

  • Defenceundefeated

    99 defence would win, because 99 defence makes 99 attack nothing for its only increasing the hit ratio which with strength on 1 means that its only capable of hitting 1 – 2 which with chance 85% failing and as we asume that hitting 1 is very easy the attacker would lose because of the fact that defence guy has a 1/4 of chance to hit which means basically means 25% out of 100 but since the attacker has only 15% of an actual chance of killing the defence person i would say defence would win

  • Noah Houser

    99 defence of course, makes the attack basically hit nothing because the 99 defence will block most of it and the 99 attack has no defence so he will die way sooner.

    • ^DUhhhh

      Doesnt make any sense, they would both basicly null eachothers stats.. Making them both 1 attk and 1 defence.

  • Nathaniel Langenderfer

    they would both die XD

  • Fahad Islam

    the 99 defence guy will win!

  • Alex

    Random, they both counter eachother.. Attack is basicly likelyhood of not hitting a zero, so with enough defence that likelyhood would represent pretty much one attack & the other way arround. So im pretty sure this fight would be like a lvl 3 vs lvl 3

  • WeRNeR ѕтΛ¢нєℓкєк

    lak schoo was geyt

  • gazzzzz

    I don’t think the fight would end.