Which RuneScape version do you like most?

We’ve asked you this question three years ago too, but we’re curious to see if opinions have changed. Which RuneScape version do you like most?

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  • Kira

    Runescape 2 , 2010 , 697 Revision

  • score

    The one and only, Runescape 2001

  • nick

    667-668 the best!

  • Dish

    Pre Eoc of course! 2010-2012

  • 0nit

    562, the old Battlescape

  • Inspiring Others

    667 revision all the way!!

  • Kenyon McCreary

    pre eoc, ikov 1 soulsplit 1

  • Noah Houser

    I personally like the older version, because if you know how to code then there’s more things you can add in that’s unique that other servers won’t have.

  • Elixir Edits

    2011 runescape

  • Inside

    What was the revision of Ikov?