Upcoming RuneLocus Giveaway

Hello RuneLocus users,

We at Runelocus strongly believe in giving back to our community. RuneLocus is the only major RuneScape Private Server top-list to give back to it’s users and we will continue doing so. In the past we’ve had a $275.00 giveaway and this time we feel the upcoming holidays would be a perfect time to do another one!

A poll asking for the users to select the prizes will be published on Monday for the users to decide what they would like as a reward. Vote wisely, as the highest total will be the final prize. As always, anyone who wishes to win prizes must be registered on RuneLocus forums to participate.

Meme Monday: Quiting!

funny-pictures-auto-849411[1]We’ve all been approached by that one sketchy Runescape player who tries to get you to go into the wilderness to get “free stuff”. Most people don’t fall for it but the few noobs that do aren’t greeted with anything free and are most likely greeted with a bunch of ice barrages or 10 people running out to attack you. The logic behind these people trying to lure is so simple and so flawed, if they where quitting why not just give the stuff away, why do you need them to go into the wilderness? Let us know of any funny stories you have of someone trying to lure you.