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[b][color=red]Oldscape[/color] loading 752  cache Upgraded from 742 on 13 may 2013
[b][u]VPS hosted so 99.9% uptime[/u][/b]

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Client download:

[b]Information and feautures;[/b]

Eco based.
Auto vote.
Adventurers logs.
Hall of heroes.
Perfect PvM/PvP/Prayers.
New 752 content
Offhand weapons, chaotics etc
Costums, like black phat white hween mask master pker cape and alot more
Perfect switching.
All skills working including dung and full summoning.
Custom editted zones, like the shops, home, wcing, and mining.
12 different minigames, including customs.
A huge list of Player versus Monster teleports, being added more almost every day.
Many working aura's, like Supreme corruption, Salvation and Harmony. All for sale!
Squeal of fortune.
Xp Counter.
Money Pouch.
No items lost on death, unless you die in the wilderness, or in any unsafe PvP zone.
Nex sets with HP bonusses.
Awesome xp in skilling, and combat. Including automated double EXP weekends. 
Easy teleporting/traveling by single click actions thanks to the quest tab and the Spirit tree at home.
Different crystal key rewards, you can pick from a big amount of cash to a bunch of EXP, and even a few items!
Handy noticeboard, which allows you to change your display name, and character look.
Custom shop names, so it will be easy to find what you need.
Loyality system: this gives you 250 points for playing each 30 minutes, these points can be used to buy aura's at the loyality shop.
Spin tickets reward for voting.
Nice starters, splitted in the combat triangle. you can either become a Melee'r for a melee starting set, Ranger for ranged or Mager for magic.
And alot more, would be too long to write it all down here, just come and try for yourself.

Furthermore, Home is easily accesed by typing ::home.
If you need some cash fast, try thieving a bit and sell the stolen goods to the general store. you could also loot anything you find, everything can be sold.
If you need any help, feel free to add godshady and/or kutleven to friends ingame and just ask.

Have a nice time!