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    RuneScape private server enchanta

[COLOR="#FFA500"][SIZE=4]Website and Forums[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR="#FFF0F5"]Hello! SiriusX is back under a new name and new owners/founders, same source, same content, same fun! If you played SiriusX than you'll love us even more![/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FFF0F5"]We will refund your donation status if you had it on SiriusX V1.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FFA500"][SIZE=6]Why should you join SiriusX V2 [Enhanced-PS] ?[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FFF0F5"]All skills are trainable.
We have spent hundreds of dollars on hosting and advertistment.
Economy is not wealthy (with wealthy we mean, everyone doesnt wear nex, godwars, pvp items).
Nice and friendly community.
Good XP rates for skilling and combat.
The owner acutally plays and doesn't set his levels and spawn items.
Staff and owner listens to the community (YES WE REALLY LISTEN).
We have awesome donator features, such as a donator area, ::bank anywhere but PvP areas, yell, green/blue skin, customizable yell and chat title, faster XP rates and donator shops.
DDOS protection up to 10 Gigabit per second and 1000 Mbps unmetered connection, and we have abilitys to upgrade if needed (DDOS won't interrupt your game experience in SiriusX v2 [Enhanced-PS].
Decent drop rates and we also offer double drops weekends but not every weekend.
We have dedicated programmers and we have proved to handle 500 active players online without ANY disconnection problems.
If you compare other 718 servers we don't have many bugs or glitches and if you or we'll find one we will patch it instantly[/COLOR].

[COLOR="#FFA500"][SIZE=6]What features do we offer in SiriusX V2 [Enhanced-PS] ?[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FFF0F5"][B]PestControl (All modes, easy, med, hard).
Player Customization (It also saves and you won't have to change your character everytime you login).
Completionist Reqs.
Dominion Tower (Gain dominion weapons, they cannot be used in PvP).
Godwars (All monsters and minions works, we have added killcounts but it's disabled till the areas gets crowded).
Bork (It respawns every hour and it's Completionist Cape req).
Polypore Dungeon (The only and easiest way to gain Ganodermic and Fungal).
PvM points, gain points and buy items used in PvM.
Tormneted Demons.
Gilded Altar.
Fight Kiln and Fight Caves.
Glacors with all minions working and fire spell weekness.
Fairy Ring (You can teleport to Glacor VIA code: DKQ and there's also a teleport to Ice strykewyrms).
Barrows with decent barrows droprate.
Corporeal Beast with no safespots or bugs.
Dungeoneering with decent XP and tokens gain.
Recipe for Diaster (Gain barrows gloves here).
Loyalty Points and Shop.
Duel Arena with Staking.
Squeal of Fortune with no bugs and daily spins.
Jadinko lair.[/B][/COLOR]


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