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Background Information:

Vestige-x is reborn. Back in early 2013 Vestige-x was released as a fun server for myself and peers to use. Upon advertising we reached a maximum of 74 users online. That's not as many as some servers, but it's the start to a community. Due to difficult circumstances Vestige-x was lost.

Originally Vestige-x had a fair few bugs, exploits etc. I've made sure that i've done things properly this time.

The re-creation began, This time a little more professionally.
There's always room for improvement & we take suggestions on board.

*Hours Of Interaction
*Custom NPC's
*Custom Items
*Custom Interfaces
*Custom Minigames
*Tokhaar Minigame
*Custom Titles
*Loyalty System
*Veteran System
*Money Pouch
*Full Screen
*All Working Skills Including Dungeoneering
*Perfect PvM
*Perfect PvP
*Summoning Including Storage
*Vbulletin Forums
*This video is WiP. This is not the final product.