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Why choose BainScape?
Online for well over 4 years, BainScape is a server that prides itself on unique and varied content.
Everything from 24 skills, all fully featured, 6 levels of Achievement diaries and a vast array of difficult bosses, minigames and wonderful items; it'll be a while until you can really say that you've done everything.

Some features:
  • Always online; run on a powerful dedicated server.
  • 24 skills, recently revamped!
  • Unique, never before seen item system.
  • Completely automated; Grand Exchange!
  • 100% Curses & Prayers.
  • A selection of custom quests and storylines!
  • A wonderfully made client with plenty of options, including remembering your account.
  • Complete summoning with pouch creation, scrolls and familiars!
  • Automatic donation system!
  • Achievement diaries (Easy, Hard, Medium, Elite, and Master)
  • PKing system with a live kill-feed, PK points, etc.
  • Full XP counter with fading.
  • Loads of bosses; Nex, Corporeal beast, Bork, Avatar of Destruction, and many more...
  • Warrior's guild, Pest control, Barrows, Fight pits, and more minigames!
  • Custom survival minigame - progress through waves as you get buffed or de-buffed depending upon your performance!
  • Full clan chat with dicing.
  • Overloads & Extreme potions.
And much more...