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Posted 21 February 2014

Kethsi 742 - Simply your best experience

Total votes: 1534 Revision: 718
Welcome to Kethsi






All Skills
Pest Control
Duel Arena
Clan Chats
Grand Exchange
Fight Caves/Kiln
Money Pouch
Perfect Economy Server
Updated Cache
Perfected Shooting Stars
Proper Dwarf Cannon
Ganodermic Beasts
RS-Like teleport ways to walk arround the server
Godwars Dungeon
Kuradal Dungeon
Metal Dragons
Resource Dungeons
Chaos Tunnels (multi area)
Amazing Summoning (collecting charms)
Friendly Interfaces
Email Registration
100% Account hacking proof if you have your email registered
Bank Pins
Nice PvP System
Fast Support
Squeal of Fortune
Protect Item System
Real RS xp when fighting to a player
Automatic Donations
DDoS Protected
Zero lag
Friendly Community
Active Updates
Best Security System
Improved Firewalls
...Alot more..

Hydrascape 2011 RSPS