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Posted 21 February 2014
Hydrascape 2011 RSPS

Kethsi 2 - 2012 RuneScape Remake

Total votes: 232 Revision: 718
Welcome to Kethsi 2






Hardcore XP Rate
Free to play
All Skills
Pest Control
Duel Arena
Clan Chats
Grand Exchange
Multiple Worlds
Membership Benefits
No "Pay TO WIN" (No Donate for Items)
Player-Owned houses
Fight Caves/Kiln
Money Pouch
Perfect Economy Server
Updated Cache
Perfected Shooting Stars
Proper Dwarf Cannon
Ganodermic Beasts
Godwars Dungeon
Kuradal Dungeon
Metal Dragons
Resource Dungeons
Chaos Tunnels
Squeal of Fortune
Protect Item System
DDoS Protected
Zero lag
Friendly Community
Active Updates
Best Security System
Improved Firewalls
...Alot more..

Hydrascape 2011 RSPS