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Posted 21 February 2014
Hydrascape 2011 RSPS

SiriusX 718/742 - ECO - PKING

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Why should you join SiriusX?

Absolutely no lag.
Dedicated server with 1 Gbps internet connection.
Very stable server.
Daily Updates.
Decent drop rates.
Double Drop Weekends.
Donor Zone to show Donors we care :)
Owner listens to your suggestions.
Auto-Donation system (recieve your item/status almost instantly!)
Helpful Staff members.
ALL skills work. Almost 100% in every skill.

Pyramid Plunder
Dominion Tower
Gilded Altar
Castle Wars
Squeal of Fortune
Money Pouch (Shop and trade Support)
Clan Wars. (Safe portal, risked portal, and actual CLAN WARS(Team vs Team)
Duel Arena with Staking.
Recipe for Diaster Boss fight (Instanced map just like runescape)
Glacors with fire spell weekness.
Fairy Ring (Code for Glacors is DKQ)
Forinthry Dungeon for pvp items.
Loyalty Shop
Kuradals Dungeon
Fight Caves/Fight Kiln
Queen Black Dragon
Jadinko Lair
Frost Dragons
Slayer Tower with all floors (including slayer task system)
Polypore Dungeon
Corporeal Beast
Kalphite Queen
Tormented Demons
Godwars (Zaros/Nex, Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin
Pest Control
Awesome Edgeville PKing
Custom, but fully working Dungeoneering
Warriors Guild (Get defenders)
Requirements for Completetionists cape are fully working(Trimmed as well)
Hydrascape 2011 RSPS