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Near Reality

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Near Reality is currently the best and one of the oldest RSPS out there. We've been running for 5 years now since 2008 after the wilderness was removed from RS, doing our best to satisfy the requests of our active playerbase. We also have a new Old School Server in the making which you can find information for below.

Aside from having a very strong and reliable history, why should you choose Near Reality?


-We have the largest community by far after 5 years of uptime
-11X Experience rate for new players
-Able to choose between old and new hit splats/hp
-Custom in-game player titles
-Active, large, and helpful staff team
-Development team is constantly updating and pushing out content
-Good voting rewards
-Regularly updated Wiki guide including 6 different languages
-We have our own, up to date price guide
-Castle wars
-Fight caves
-God wars
-Nex armors & working Korasi, and new firecape
-Curse prayers
-100% working claws
-Unique Bloodlust system for small teams
-Wilderness targets with rewards
-Stable and Strong economy
-starter packs with everything a new player needs
-Pk points system - able to redeem for all the best items.
-Custom items (lime whips, death cape, phats, etc)
-Ganodermic armour
-Pvp armour's
-Working spirit shields
-New staff event organizer
-Mod day events
-Kill streaks
-Top pker announcements

Upcoming updates:

Old School Server (Read Below)


Near Reality Old School Server (coming soon) is a new 317 based server, designed to bring the best era of Runescape back for all to enjoy. It has been in development by the original creater of NR, Chachi for nearly a year.

There won't be any items from after mid 2006, this will keep the wilderness fun and free of overpowered weapons and armour that the majority of us have all come to hate. This servers main focus will be on on PKers and clans as to keep the wilderness active and give everyone what they want - we want to bring you back to the good ol' days!

- No Items from after mid 2006
- Great Economy
- Mage Arena
- Fully working skills & combat system
- Fully working RS Quests
- Friendly and helpful staff team
- Active forums
- 5x Experience rate
- Voting rewards
- Regularly updated
- Skilling interfaces
- All specials working
- Repairing broken items
- RS treasure trails
- Random events from rs (such as genie, drunkden dwarf, etc)

Future updates will contain:

-Duel Arena
-Farming Skill
-Agility skill
-Real RS fight caves

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