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CorruptionX - Dungeoneering | 120 Capes | HD

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CorruptionX | Matrix II
World 1: Pre-EOC economy (4 XP modes) - Revision 718
World 2: Old Matrix I spawn - Revision 718
World 3: EOC/Legacy - Revision 824 (Currently ALPHA)
In-Game Modes:
Easy Mode: 500 x Combat, 100 x Skilling, 0.4 x Drop Rate
Medium Mode: 100 x Combat, 40 x Skilling, 1.0 x Drop Rate
Hard Mode: 40 x Combat, 20 x Skilling, 2.0 x Drop Rate
Legacy Mode: 5 x Combat, 5 x Skilling, 2.5 x Drop Rate
Why CorruptionX?
Were you one of the many that was heart broken when RuneScape2 ended and RuneScape3 began?
So many RuneScape players want that awesome game-play era just before the Evolution of Combat.
CorruptionX delivers the best possible experience that closely mirrors RuneScape 2012 PRE-EoC... 
Did I mention we have 100% authentic Dungeoneering?
A small list of our features:

- 4 Game Modes
- Stable Economy world
- Active Spawn/Pk world
- Max and Completionist capes with Reqs
- All 25 120 Master Capes Available on all Worlds (+1 Divination Cape EoC W3)
- Runescape-style Dungeoneering (C1-6) (F1-60) (Smalls, Meds, Larges) (10% tokens)
- Full 100% Slayer (All masters give correct tasks just like RuneScape) (Slayer Points/Social Slayer)
- Fully functioning Construction (Working Gilded Altars)
- Literally every single skill works and is trainable just like in PRE-EoC RuneScape
- Grand Exchange based on in-game players
- Chaotic Weaponry and all Dungeoneering rewards
- ALL Minigames (Pest Control, Castle Wars, Clan Wars, Stealing Creation, Dominion Tower and more)
- Clan Chat system (Clan Cloaks and Clan Vexilliums)
- Friends Chats with perfectly accurate LootShare
- ALL bosses (ALL BOSSES)
- Squeal of Fortune (Lucky items and more)
- Active and real-time Highscores (All 4 Mode sections)
- 100% Duel Arena/Staking
- Fight Caves and Fight Kiln (Fire Cap/ TokHaar-Kal rewards)
- Active Edgeville PKing on both World 1 and World 2

CorruptionX has been around for over 5 years and we're still kicking. Many things have changed and we happily welcome new members to contribute and make their place in our community. There is something for everyone in our community whether you're a PKer, Skiller, PvMer, Graphic Artist or Video Editor - CorruptionX is the place for you.
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Full Dungeoneering (The only RSPS with it)
Full Construction
Full Stealing creation
Social Slayer
And so much more...
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