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Posted 21 February 2014
Hydrascape 2011 RSPS

CorruptionX HD - Dungeoneering

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CorruptionX | Matrix II
World 1: Pre-EOC economy (3 XP modes)
World 2: Old Matrix I spawn
In-Game Modes:
Easy Mode: 500 x Combat, 100 x Skilling, 0.4 x Drop Rate
Medium Mode: 100 x Combat, 40 x Skilling, 1.0 x Drop Rate
Hard Mode: 40 x Combat, 20 x Skilling, 2.0 x Drop Rate
Why CorruptionX?
CorruptionX offers a completely unique RSPS' opportunity and we aren't simply saying that like so many other servers do. We have the most brilliant Developing team known for creating the original Matrix source that is the base of many other servers' success. So many Runescape players want that awesome game-play era just before the Evolution of Combat and CorruptionX delivers the best possible experience to date and no other server can compare to CorruptionX. Did I mention we have 100% authentic Dungeoneering?
What does CorruptionX offer?
We have an advanced Developing team that brings amazing updates that constantly trumps other RSPS content such as fully working Stealing Creation, fully working Construction & real, fully working Dungeoneering. All 25 skills are trainable and accurately coded to closely mirror pre-eoc Runescape (we've even got Social Slayer along with all working Slayer Masters). CorruptionX has so much content it is practically impossible to list it all, we never fail to go that extra mile.
There is also a strong, supportive and carefully handpicked staff team to help you during each hour of the day with any problems you may have whether they are in-game related, donation related or even personal. CorruptionX also features an extensive and active forum where players can post suggestions to improve things and talk with other members of the community and get to know each other.
A small list of our features:
Unique and never seen before Runescape-style Dungeoneering.
Fully functioning Construction with working Gilded Altars lots more Construction features.
3 Game Modes to allow you to choose what kind of game play suits you best.
Literally every single skill works and is trainable just like in pre-eoc Runescape.
A working and flawless Grand Exchange based on in-game players.
Chaotic Weaponry and other Dungeoneering rewards
Several perfect minigames like Pest Control, Castle Wars, Stealing Creation, Dominion Tower and more.
The original Clan Chat system than many servers envy with Clan Cloaks and Clan Vexilliums.
Working Friends Chats with perfectly accurate lootshare.
Tonnes of bosses such as all Godwars Bosses (including Nex), Queen and King Black Dragons, Corporeal Beast and many others.
Squeal of Fortune to try your chances at a Divine Spirit Shield.
Tons of Dungeoneering bosses coded to perfection.
Active and real-time highscores to track every single player's progress.
Working Duel Arena for all of your staking needs.
Complete our Fight Caves and Fight Kiln for the Fire Cape and prestigious TokHaar-Kal.
Both Max and Completionist capes available only to those legendary players who have earned them.
Active Edgeville PKing on both World 1 and World 2.
Staff members who get praised for being so above standard to other RSPS' for their helpfulness.
CorruptionX has been around for over 4 years and we're still kicking. Many things have changed and we happily welcome new members to contribute and make their place in our community. There is something for everyone in our community whether you're a PKer, Skiller, PvMer, Graphic Artist or Video Editor - CorruptionX is the place for you. Oh. Did I mention the Dungeoneering?
Full Dungeoneering (The only RSPS with it)
Full Construction
Full Stealing creation
Social Slayer
And so much more...
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Hydrascape 2011 RSPS