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Posted 21 February 2014
Hydrascape 2011 RSPS

PKSurge | New staff Needed |

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PKSurge is only 2 weeks old and already has at least 10 average players online. It's a 718/742 source with brilliant features. The owner listens to players, and likes to hear about suggestions. Suggestions are needed to make the server the perfect server for you guys. This server is a fun loving server and really enjoy each others company. More players are needed for this server. At 15 players, a new mod will be picked so head on down to PKSurge and give us your feedback and what you would like to see. We will make this server one of the best! WE JUST NEED YOU.

Working Bosses
Custom ADDED monsters
Great Community
Working Dice
Great Economy
Active Pkers
GOD wars
100% Working all Skills
Summoned Monster Attacks
Custom Teleports
Daily Updates
Suggestions Always Looked At And Worked On if we Agree Its a good Idea.
Active Owner - Aidan
Working Dungeoneering (Drop Tokens and Lamps)
Squeal Of Fortune


Hydrascape 2011 RSPS