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Posted 21 February 2014
the enchanta rsps on the runelocus runescape private server list


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Welcome and thank you for clicking on our toplist page. We are Soulsplit, the #1 RSPS Since 2008. We offer an amazing experience for RSPS players from all around the world, with thousands of players online at any given moment.

Soulsplit fits you! Some of our features include:
  • Thousands of players
  • Amazing combat system
  • Active Minigame Community
  • PvP World & Members world
  • Pking-based server
  • Pick your own EXP rate(10,50, 500, or 5000 with ::pure)
  • Professional Support & Management
  • Always online
Please find below some of our great videos:

We hope to see you soon on Soulsplit!