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    RuneScape private server enchanta

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Fatality614 was shutdown. Creating an almost exact remake as Fatality614 we strive to bring you the best pking and hybridding anywhere. With flawless switches and 100% up time with no lag, You can be sure this is the place for you.



Flawless Hybridding
Flawless Switching
100% Up time
Original Fatality Source
Active Pking Community
Auto donation system
Auto Vote System
All special attacks work how they should
Pking teleports like easts, wests and gdz
Productive staff team that knows what pkers want
Not an abundance of staff
Active Forums
Unique donator shop and vote shop
Only getting bigger


Our staff team is composed of two main developers, two main website managers, one administrator, and one moderator at this time. This eliminates the ability for you to be "abused" in-game by our staff as we can keep a very good eye on what they are doing. Also with command, chat, and trade logs we will get to the bottom of anything that happens. Moderators are chosen based on not how known they are or how much money they have, they are chosen based on there leadership qualities and after a discussion with all members of the staff team.