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Exiled 718/735 SPAWN (CLOSED)

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REST IN PEACE EXILED 2013-2016. It was good while it lasted.
718 spawn servers have no returning demographic anymore.
I will leave this page up for the memories until RuneLocus removes it.
Exiled is a 718 (loading some 735 items, such as whisper and subjugation) spawn hybridding server, customized to your hybridding needs. Our goal is to make your PvP experience as enjoyable as possible, and we haven't forgotten about skilling. There are many unique features in this server, as well as some things that should have been added in all private servers.
Some 735 Items
Old & New TokHaar-Kal
Multiple Hybridding Loadouts
Many Varied Commands
Exiled Hybridding Videos
Bewmdead (Erik)
SlayNorway (Limited)
NzProduct (Ugly)
Dark Aroua
Luisfer Arraiz (Kolb)
Aiiiidz (Aiden)
Tab Breaker (Zach)
Stre Pks Alot (Papa Rag)
Harim Baller (Terrorize M3)