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Posted 21 February 2014
Hydrascape 2011 RSPS


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RoatPkz is a fun server, where you can basically login and PK straight away! On RoatPkz, you have the option to spawn items, as well as having the option to change your levels and stats! Whether you are a experienced PKer or if you just started PKing, RoatPkz is the right server for you! This server is filled with content and it's enjoyable! There are always people PKing, so why not join in the fun?

We have a nice and friendly community, and at RoatPkz, you can become one of the best PKers! There is no other place like RoatPkz. The home for this server is Edgeville. RoatPkz is a unique server due to the fact that we have a friendly and charming community. 

RoatPkz has the potential to be one of the best servers in history, it's just we need more players! There are many PK hotspots scattered around everywhere in RoatPkz, ranging from Mage Bank, Edgeville, Ice Plateau and many more places! 

RoatPkz has been up and running since August 2011, and plans to be on-going. At one point, RoatPkz hit a personal best of 225 players on at one time! Why not give RoatPkz a chance? I can guarantee you will love the server! We are more than a server, we are a family.

So what are some features, or ideal attractions, you ask? Take a look at the list below for a short preview of some things RoatPkz has to offer:

  • Vote4PKP & Accumulate Vote Points for Loyalty Titles. 
  • Professional Staff Team. Staff team are all mature, non-abusive, active and dedicated.
  • Automatic donation system with special perks in-game.
  • Flawless PKing. PK to your hearts content! Gear up in less than 30 seconds.
  • A special tab, where you can easily spawn sets of items, including Barrows and other supplies.
  • Hotkeys for ease of access.
  • 100% Rocktail and Overload effects. 
  • 2006 PK Oldschool Zone.
  • 100% Magic, which includes Lunar spells, ancient spells and normal spells.
  • Perfect Switching - Hybrid/Tribrid as you please.
  • PKP shop, that holds many items that are special!
  • Fully working Duel Arena - stake your rare items! 
  • Spawn Commands, as well as Master, Pure, Zerker & Tank commands!
  • No lag, and the server is 24/7! Strong VPS! 
  • Custom Capes for the donators with special effects; Dragon, Water and Earth Cape, each with bonuses. 
  • Imbued Rings; Warrior Ring(i), Berserker Ring (i), Archer Ring(i) and Seers Ring(i).
  • Webclient and a Downloadable Client! 
  • FunPK - a place where you can PK as much as you want, without losing your items! 
  • Master Zone - a place where only players with 1,000 Kills can enter; including boxing zone! 
  • All Set Effects work (e.g. Dharoks Set).
  • x1 and x10 hits, as well as Zoom in and Zoom out buttons!

You are also welcomed to suggest any updates for the future as you wish using the RoatPkz Forums. So what are you waiting for? Join RoatPkz Today!

Hydrascape 2011 RSPS