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Posted 21 February 2014
Hydrascape 2011 RSPS

OS-PK | Oldschool PKing

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Where pkers are born!



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Welcome to OSPK317, We started on 2/1/2015, and we hit around 20-30 player online , This is a great acheivement for such short time online!

About Us :

OS PK was founded some months ago and has made quality updates ever since.

OS PK will offer you a game experience like never before, It has all the things you ever wanted, and it is all supported by a Professional Top-team of Moderators, Admin and supporters. But The people who make OSPK rolling are the developers, who have year's of experience coding Runescape Private Servers. Play now, you certainly won't be disappointed!

People who donate are also very appreciated since they are the people who keep the Virtual private server running and The webhost, therefore, there are many features for Donators!

Community Forum :

We use to gather feedback and suggestions for the future of our server that everyone loves. Players can recruit clan members, sell and compare GFX work, share videos, ask for in-game or website related help and much, much more!

*Quality Developers :


We're constantly developing our game to make it enjoyable for all of our players, yet different from other servers. This is what makes us stand out from other servers. We've got alot of future updates plannned that we're confident our players will love.


  • Login & PK
  • Killstreak System
  • All skills with thier own Spot
  • PK Point System
  • Great Skilling
  • Oldschool bounty
  • Duel arena / Staking
  • Bank tabs
  • Many bosses 8+
  • Oldschool Items
  • Flawless hybridding
  • Active community
  • -Pking is fun, and worth value
    -Working clue scrolls
    -Perfect bridding, welfare, pure, range, mage pking
    -Great pvm community
    -Unique barrows with interface


Hydrascape 2011 RSPS