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Posted 21 February 2014

PkHonor - Bounty Hunter - Grand Exchange

Join our heartwarming and lovely community today! With an average of 200 - 400 players online, we have an active and balanced economy. With a lot of PKing activity in our wilderness and a 'start- and go' policy; we get you into the wilderness as quickly as possible! 

There are  lots of features for the people that enjoy skilling or bossing and we have an active and balanced marketplace, including a fully functional Grand Exchange!

Join us now at!

» Play our webclient« (All operating systems)
» Or download our installer« (Windows only)
» Or download our desktop client« (All operating systems)

If any of those aren't working;download our zipped client (All operating systems). Unlike the others, this one does not automatically update.

Why PkHonor?
» No Economy resets, ever!
» Completely lag-free, 99.9999% uptime and solid DDoS protection
» Not a 'pay to play' server: you need not spend a cent to enjoy every single feature or item within the game.
» The full construction skill, just like RS, with even more features and rewards!
» 100% Working Grand Exchange
» Bank tabs and bank search function, as well up to 800 available bank spots
» Clan Chats, with working lootshare
» WildyWyrm minigame with great rewards!
» Fully customizable looks for those that prefer old animations/hitsplats/hitpoints bar/etc..
» Lottery
» Fully working Castle Wars with working barricades, doors, ropes and everything!
» Barrows, with even a custom game mode called 'Risky Barrows'!
» Custom Zombie Minigame with rewards
» Fully functional Quests and Achievements
» Slayer Point System
» ALL Godwars bosses! (Including Nex)
» Auto-updating client (No re-downloads needed)
» Fully working Highscores!
» Dwarf Multicannon
» Every single skill worked out
» Full Hunter skill with 49 different catchable creatures
» Ancient Curses
» Clan Wars
» Fight Caves (full 63 rounds)

Staff Management:
We have a charming and helpful Staff Team, which will help you with any problems you may find. We also have a dedicated team of 'Helpers'; specialized in helping players in-game. They have knowledge about our game and community, and are anxious to show new players around!

Scammers and hackers also get no chance through our extensive logs and great support system.

Content/Server Details:
We have a stable, completely lag-free and DDoS-protected dedicated server.
Our server is player-oriented; "you tell us what you'd like to see added or changed in our game, and we'll make it happen!" Our programmers are capable of a lot, and try to release at least one update a week.

For the people that are mostly into PK'ing, we try to keep our wilderness as active as possible! We provide perfect equipment switching, the WildyWyrm Minigame and an  'Old School' wilderness (for the players who enjoy oldschool pking more), we keep our players full of PVP excitement! We also have a balanced PkHonor Point system which will grant you points from PK'ing, PVM'ing and skilling. You can spend these in the PkPoint store, and will give you access to all of the PVP gears, every single Chaotic weapon, and many more items!

Even though our name is PkHonor, we still provide a massive amount of skilling. With active highscores, you can build your way up through the pages and achieve the maximum amount of experience! We have 22 working skills, including construction and hunter! We are in fact the first (and only) 317 RSPS with fully coded construction, just like RuneScape!

We have a gigantic range of accessible bosses, including;
* Nomad
* Nex, along with every other Godwars Boss!
* WildyWyrm
* Frost Dragons
* Corporal Beast
* Chaos Elemental
* Barrelchest
* Tormented Demons
* Dagannoth Kings
* Kalphite Queen
* King Black Dragon
* Ice Strykewyrm
And many more!

Not only that, we also have a extensive Slayer system (with Slayer Points and Slayer Streaks) with a lot of different monsters, special dungeons and slayer areas.

Come check it out yourself today!


Extra - construction skill video: