An interview with Ikov's owner

Published on April 24, 2019 (by Christof)

With the newly announced release date (April 26th) of Ikov, I’m here today with the owner David to give players, and those alike a glimpse of what had to be done for this to happen. It’s been four years since Ikov had first closed it’s doors to players, but within the week, hundreds and thousands of people will be flocking back to grab a taste of nostalgia with a new modern twist.

Q: First off, congratulations the newly announced release of Ikov. Are there any challenges that you wish to explore with me that you had to endure on the way?

Thank you. Fortunately, I feel like I’m privileged when it comes to opening a server again because I’ve done it before. During the original [Ikov] we were challenged heavily almost every day and that experience has taught me an invaluable amount. It gives me a lot of confidence this time around.

Q: Definitely, I can understand that. Are you at all nervous with how many people are talking about the release of it? I, personally, have heard quite a bit about the return of Ikov, and I’ve gotta say; there hasn’t been this much talk about a server in quite a few years.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous. I’m extremely grateful for the support and excitement that people have shown already, and although I’m confident, I’d hate to let people down. People have a lot of great memories of Ikov, and it’s been 4 years now, so I don’t really want to ruin people’s good thoughts of the server so I’m going to do my best to make sure it’s a pleasant experience again.

Q: I completely understand that. You have had a lot of people stay with you, even during other projects, and it seems they’ve always been loyal to you and the work you’ve done. With the rerelease of Ikov, are there any key differences that you’ve made? Revision, new bosses, items, etc?

People know that I work hard and have a passion for success – They like to follow what I’m doing as they know I’ll put my all into it. We’ve tried to keep it relatively similar as it’ll bring a nostalgic feeling to play again and although we don’t want people to login and have the thoughts “Oh, well, I’ve done this before…” We’ve added a couple new pieces of content for the end game, for when people reach their goals. We’ve worked on adding a completed version of Chambers of Xeric, and Theatre of Blood, which we [the content creators] feel will be enjoyable for those who eventually reach the endgame. We’re confident that this is the best programmed raids of any other server, we have spent a tireless amount of time bug splatting not only raids, but the entirety of Ikov, so that the gameplay will be smooth and enjoyable for all.

Q: I can see that, I applaud your hard work and determination to your craft! What kind of game modes will Ikov be offering? Are there any major differences between them? Anything that veteran Ikov players will remember, or new players will enjoy?

Well, when Ikov was originally online we offered a standard game mode and an Ironman mode. Since then we’ve worked on a couple new game modes that add variety and challenge to those who want it. We offer the standard game mode and ironman game modes from before, but also offer hardcore Ironman, group Ironmen which allows players to play with a group of up to 5 friends, and a new realistic game mode which is decreased XP with a higher drop rate for those who appreciate a good grind.

Q: I think Veterans, and new players will really enjoy those game modes! I wish everyone luck in maxing with the new realistic game mode. Any last words for those reading, any challenges you’re putting out to the returning players, and new players alike?

I just hope people come and enjoy themselves again with some old friends! I’ve seen a lot of names pop up on our forums that I haven’t seen in years and just seeing that has brought up great memories. Everyone is having a lot of fun talking in our discord which is active throughout the day. As for the challenges, we have some prizes for those who complete them!

  • The first player to achieve the maximum total level on a regular account
  • The first player to achieve the maximum total level on an Ironman/Hardcore Ironman (Group Ironman does NOT count)
  • The first player to achieve the maximum total level on a realistic account
  • The first player to achieve the completitionist cape (Any game mode)

Grand Prize: 4x Playstation 4

  • First Ironman group to reach 2 billion experience

Prize: Each member will receive $50

RELEASE DATE: 26/04/19


I’m looking forward to the launch, and it should be a blast!