Another large server is opening

Published on June 5, 2019 (by Christof)

With another interesting server opening it’s doors this month (June 7th), you can expect to find out some behind-the-scenes details discussed and outlined today. I’m here with Noele, and the soon-to-be-released server Zenyte.

Q: Welcome Noele! Firstly congratulations on this long journey that you and your team have endured. Can you tell me a little bit more about what’s going on?

So it’s bit of a long story, about three years ago we hosted a RS3 server called Ataraxia, even going as far as developing [rise of the six], we were getting tired of pushing content on a RS3 server where no one was really playing. We eventually transitioned over to OSRS and completely made our source by scratch. Basically writing from the ground up, and I like to say that we haven’t missed a single skill or content that attracts people to a server. We strive ourselves to hit even the smallest of details, such as farming flowers, or even making gnomish cocktails. The hardest part of it all, from writing the server from the ground up, programming endless hours, even working part-time jobs to help ourselves survive for the months to come.

Q: Wow, that’s a story if I’ve ever heard one, glad even after all of the hardships you and your team have faced, you were able to finish quite possibly the largest dream you all shared together. How are you feeling about the release, and where your server stands as now?

Definitely pretty good, we’ve spent two years making it great. We have a great QA team that have been with us the entire time, and they’re such incredible bug testers. We’ve found a good bit of bugs during the two years of developing, dupes and complete game crashes etc. It’s been solid as of recently, and with the help of the bug testers, I can say we have no known bugs as of right now. My main focus going forward to June 7th is stability and security, more than anything else we’ve spent time planning ahead for the launch-day attacks that befall everyone

Q: Now, I’ve noticed that you had mentioned a tournament mode, could you go into a little more detail for those that don’t know what that is?

For as a rough description, we wanted an event that we could host with. As it stands right now, it is a 1v1 tournament with different presets. Moving forward with the release, we’re hoping to create a FFA event, where clans can work together to fight others. We stride ourselves to create a balance of PVP and PVM, we want to cater to both communities right off the bat. Most PKers in RSPS don’t want to grind for items and earn levels just to potentially lose those items in the wilderness. With our tournament mode, access to presets, and advanced area system, your levels will be set and you will be able to use high-level gear from the start in tournaments, without it affecting your game progress outside of tournaments. I believe with our current set up, players will be able to do exactly that.

Q: Ah, I see, that is definitely a good way to cater to the community that OSRS seems to neglect sometimes. With exclusivity being a large thing with private servers, do you have anything that is exclusive to Zentye? Areas, skills, bosses, events, etc

I would honestly say Zenyte as a whole is fairly “exclusive” in that regard. We strive to create high-quality content wherever we can; many servers forget the little details of RuneScape that add up to make the big picture — whether it’s the ability to make flour or cook all items, fairy rings and other transportation methods, or even the big stuff like Vorkath, Raids, and Zulrah — we strive to include every detail we can in our content, and I can say that it’s all picture-perfect. On top of that, we support the full Runelite client and all of it’s plugins, including additional ones we’ve created!

Q: That’s incredible – It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the player status for RSPS, but from what I remember is most servers ignore the little facts, and out of mind background features of an area in Runescape. I wish you the best of luck with the release this month, do you have any last words for the population?

I would definitely say that we built this for the community because we wanted to be the difference in the RSPS scene; we noticed that no one was trying to push out a high-quality server – just a lot of rehashed sources or rebrands. Over the last 2 years we’ve spent every moment at our disposal making Zenyte everything it could be, and I’m excited to say I’m confident that players will see that on June 7th. More than anything else we do this for you guys, because we want to build a long-lasting, high-quality game with an unrivaled amount of features, so that your time spent is meaningful and unique.


Zenyte is hosting a “First to Max” competition as well, the rules and prizes are as following;

First player to max their skills on each game mode will receive a $100 cash prize, or $150 donation credit of choice

The contest will run until the end of June, if a specific game mode does not have a maxed player, the #1 ranked player will receive the reward.

RELEASE DATE: 07/07/2019

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