Vitality is a server for everyone

Published on March 17, 2020 (by Christof)

Welcome back everyone! Today we’ve got a treat for you — A new server opening it’s doors! Today I’m here with Raw Envy, and we’ll
be diving in a little bit about his new server Vitality! You can expect this server to be released March 17th, 2020!

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Q: Welcome Raw! I just wanted to congratulate you on overcoming this massive feat, could you tell me a little more about
Vitality, and what your goals are?

A: The main aspects and goals of Vitality will be to provide instant PvP action with flawless OSRS emulated combat and tons of PvP incentives
to keep the Wilderness a lively and dangerous place! However… Vitality will be a server for everyone! We also provide a vast array of PvM and
skilling content, including all Ironman modes.

We hope to provide a thriving RSPS community for OSRS players to practice their PKing alongside RSPS veterans and a place where competition is like no
other, no matter what your play style is… One of the main features that allows us to provide a fun server for all play styles is our game modes.
The modes that we currently have available is as follows: Regular (Instant PvP), Regular, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman and Ultimate Ironman.

Q: So I see you’re trying to cater to everyone, that’s a smart decision. Are you planning to provide any special game modes that have
been popularized? Such as DMM, or even the newest mode to OSRS — Twisted League?

A: In the future it is quite possible that we may introduce Deadman tournaments. However, before we thought about doing that we would like to introduce
other made modes to Vitality. One of them being the ‘Realism’ mode, which will be a low experience grinder mode.
Along with this we would also like to host regular events with juicy rewards for our community, such as OSRS GP and Amazon Gift cards.

Q: I do see real-life prizes and opportunities being made more readily available in the RSPS Scene, it should bring in a lot of traffic.
What can the players expect when first joining? Lets say the skillers and PVMers?

A: It does definitely spice things up a bit and provide even more incentives to dedicated players. Skillers and PvMers can expect to see some
competitions that will be started up when we release, such as the first player to obtain a max cape, the first to reach 200m in each skill,
and more! We do have a fully functional highscores where players can battle it out and track their own progress and others… Vitality has many
ways to train skills, we’ve gone in to a lot of detail to provide some versatility in how skills can be trained. We have the Wintertodt minigame
for example.

Q: I’m sure that will be a huge for people who strictly focus on skilling, or even PVE! In your opinion,
what sets Vitality apart from other servers?

A: I believe what sets us apart is how we cater for all play styles and our attention to detail. We’ve spent around a year developing Vitality
and I feel like we haven’t left any stone unturned with the content additions that we’ve made. We also have a ton of plans for future content that
will be coming to the server. I have personally built up a backlog of both core and unique features that I would love to implement to Vitality.
You’ll have to wait and find out on what those are, I wouldn’t want to give out too many spoilers!


Q: Perfect! It sounds like the players have some secrets to look out for! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: I would just like to add that Vitality welcomes all players to the server and we wish to provide them with hours of
enjoyable gameplay and a friendly community to be apart of. We will listen to all suggestions and try out
best to provide the best possible experience available!

You can expect Vitality to release March 17th, 2020 1900GMT

Click here to go to Vitality