Proper handwashing reduces the spread of COVID-19

Published on March 17, 2020 (by RuneLocus)

Dear Locus’ers,

As global concern about the current COVID-19 (Corona virus) outbreak grows, we want to take a moment to remind you of the measures we can all take to try prevent getting infected.

If you’re looking for any information regarding , we recommend visiting the website of the
World Health Organization (WHO). You can do so at:

Since the virus is highly contagious and there’s currently no vaccine, we all need to:

1. Wash our hands regularly
Always a good idea to do so… keyboards harbour 3,543,000 bacteria per square inch

2. Stay home, unless necessary
Maybe use the spare time to work on your construction level in your favorite RSPS?

3. Avoid crowded environments at all times
Visiting Grand Exchange on a RSPS is safer than visiting your local gym.

4. Stop touching our faces
Why would you take the risk, if you can just use in-game emotes like ‘blow kiss’?

5. Keep a proper distance of 6 feet / 2 metres
This doesn’t mean y’all need to become campers with your magic spells and ranging.

6. Avoid physical contact at all times
Beware of scammers… while IRL drop trading might be safer, in-game drop trading isn’t.

7. Ban visitors from visiting our houses
Show off your construction level and welcome them to your player-owned-house instead.

8. Rely on virtual communication when possible
But that’s what gamers prefer, right?

RuneLocus will be replacing all CAPTCHA-images on the voting pages.
A little hint to you, to help remind you to maintain a proper hygiene 😉

Best regards,