Near Reality v14 releasing

Published on June 30, 2020 (by Christof)

I do apologize about the long delay. With COVID-19 running ramperantly throughout the United states, my main focus was pointed towards… Personal Matters.

But, what that being said, I would love to welcome Will, or, Jacmob as most people may know him as, to today’s blog post, featuring Near Reality v14, which is set to release Wednesday, July 1st at 12PM EST

Click here to go Near Reality

Will, tell me a little bit about the update that’s coming up.

“Near-Reality has always been a server that is more oriented towards PVP, but over the years we have lost that. Near-Reality v14 has been something we have been planning for quite some time, we have completely rewritten the combat engine, pathing, equipment bonuses, special attacks, and implemented a variety of features that promote PKing in a way we have never done before. We are also releasing the Chambers of Xeric which has been in the works for quite some time now”

So, are you strictly basing v14 as a PK server?  Or will someone like a PVMer or even skiller find v14 as a home?

“Everyone can find a home at Near-Reality whether or not you PK. We offer a variety of bosses such as the Alchemical Hydra, Vorkath, Cerberus, Zulrah and Pre-EoC bosses like Nex. A long with all of these major changes to PVP we introduce the Chambers of Xeric which brings about a major piece of PVMing content. Skillers would also feel at home, we offer every skill that is in Oldschool, as well as the Group Ironman mode which allows you participate in a 1-5 man ironman team with seasonal rewards (every 2 weeks).”

That’s amazing. It always boggles my mind what is capable of with private servers. Do you have anything planned for the release?

“Yes with major content additions such as CoX and PVP content we are planning on hosting the following events for a total of 500m OSRS;

Most player kills the first week of v14 release – 150m OSRS or 200$ NR Credits

First player to receive a Twisted Bow – 100m OSRS or 100$ NR Credits

First ironman to receive a Twisted Bow – 100m OSRS or 100$ NR Credits

First player to receive an Olmet – 100m OSRS or 100$ NR Credits

First player to receive Metamorphic Dust – 50m OSRS or 100$ NR Credits”

Everyone has to be wondering, is v14 just a title update, or is it a fresh start?

In terms of player items and stats, no it is not a fresh start. The release of v14 is the day we come back into the world of RSPS from a 8 month hiatus, with a tremendous amount of content and necessary changes implemented”

So, just so it’s clear — Those who had an account from 8 months ago, should be able to sign into it without issue, and pick up where they left off?

“That is correct!”

Perfect! Thank you for the clarification. Is there anything else you’d like to say, or add?

“I realized about 4 months ago if Near-Reality is ever to prosper like it did in the past, we would need to make drastic changes. That is when the idea of the release of this complete PVP overhaul, v14, came into fruition. I reached out to some of the past Clan Leaders that have been active in the OSRS and RSPS Clan Community for over a decade, and they agreed to help us along the way, and we came up with a plan on how we would accomplish these tremendous changes, starting with the complete rewrite of the Combat Engine, such as, formulas, pathing, special attacks, max hits, combat triangle (attack and defense accuracy). We needed a strong foundation before we will ever be able to compete with other servers again. Once we found our foothold, we have spent the past few months working on PVP content as well.

Our main idea was to make as much of this automated, hourly world PVP bosses, wilderness key spawns, daily and weekly PKers (total kills, zerker kills, hybrid kills, deep wilderness kills and so forth), and our PVP tournament system.

This is the first step in bringing Near-Reality back to the top again, and as we move into July we will be working on the Bloodlust system which made Near-Reality so insanely popular amongst the Clan Community in the past.”

You can catch Near Rear Reality v14 on July 1st, 2020, 12PM sharp.

Click here to go to Near Reality.