Launching 27th of November

Published on November 13, 2020 (by Christof)

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our (semi)regular program! Today I have the owner of Ikov, and we’re talking about the highly anticipated release of Zaros! With David holding the #1 spot on the toplist for so long, we’ll get a glimpse of what had to be done for Zaros to release later this month.

You can check out Zaros out at to keep updated with progress, and community posts.

So, David, tell me a little bit more about the project; What made you want to take it on, the people you chose for your development team, etc.

Well, I’ve been running big servers now for the better part of a decade; however I never ran more than one server at a time. I’ve had some side projects here and there, but I’ve never went through with them because I never felt committed to them. A lot of people know my name in this scene, and a good reputation that goes along with it – Launching a subpar server would only damage the reputation I’ve built – so unless I was certain it was going to live up to expectations, I wouldn’t bother.

With Zaros, I am more than sure it exceeds all expectations; I’ve always enjoyed OSRS, and having watched the scene for a while, decided it was time to take a leap and tackle it myself – Believing I could beat all of the competition. We currently have six full time developers working on this project, and they are some of the best developers in the scene; We’ve cut no corners and all content is created with perfection as the goal.

You’ve definitely made yourself a big plate. I see people talk about Zaros as if it’s going to be the Ikov killer, and I’m interested to hear what you have to say about that. I know earlier you said that you’ve never ran two servers concurrently, what type of challenges do you think this is going to impose?

Zaros is going to be huge, and I do believe it’ll surpass all RSPS in terms of size, quality, and work – Including Ikov. This will, of course, be a challenge to keep Ikov thriving as well, as many RSPS players already play Ikov. Zaros will take players from every server currently online, however since Ikov has the most it’ll take the biggest hit. I’m not too worried because Ikov is unique in it’s own, and is the best pre-EOC server available. People enjoy that type of server, and it’s completely different to Zaros, but with that being said, we have many ideas in the pipeline to keep Ikov going strong, and have even hired an extra developer to help with Ikov.

Oh, I have no doubt that Zaros is going to be huge. It’ll be interesting to see how you juggle the two servers. What are some things that you are most excited about it comes to Zaros?

I think, firstly, that the sheer size of the project should be exciting for everyone. RSPS recently has struggled in terms of player count, and servers have been losing players. The prospect of a server having thousands online again, I think is something everyone should be excited for. The development team that’s working on Zaros really have no bounds or restrictions. We’re capable of pushing top quality content consistently. Other OSRS servers take a long time to push content out, but with Zaros that isn’t a worry.

This is absolutely going to be huge. It’ll be a breath of fresh air to see a consistent update schedule, and I’m sure everyone is going to be extremely happy about that. What are some activities players will be able to enjoy when Zaros first releases?

Well, Zaros boasts a lot of content; I’ve studied all of the current OSRS RSPS competition, and we simply blow them out of the water already. We have both full Chambers of Xeric, and Threatre Of Blood – Not the half-done stuff you see other servers trying to play off as “completed”. I’m talking perfect with full mechanics, and metas/methods – we spent a long time perfecting both of these. Like our raids, the other content in Zaros has been perfected as well, with over 70 beta testers currently, we’re confident that the quality control of Zaros is unmatched. We have a lot of other content that will fit each type of player; Group ironman, last man standing, tournaments with 50M OSRS GP prizes every single day, every single current OSRS boss including nightmare, and Inferno, and lastly all skills including construction available. Those who like to PK will enjoy our PK highscores where we give out 1 billion OSRS GP each month, and much, much, more.

When will players be able to log in and start to enjoy this amazing server you and your development team have been working on for so long? Any last minute comments you would like to add regarding the server and it’s release? A giveaway, a challenge, etc.

Our launch date is the 27th of November at 6PM GMT+1. We’re giving away five Sony PS5s, and a ton of real cash. Players can learn more information about our launch and howto win themselves a PS5 here. We have also been giving out 100m OSRS GP every single week in our discord. At the time of this interview, we have already given out 1.6 BILLION OSRS GP. Players can view media of Zaros, and enter the discord giveaways by joining our discord server.