A few years ago people didn’t really explore different advertising method and techniques for their RSPS. You set up a mediocre looking website and threw the server up and then you where done. These days being in the RSPS industry is a very competitive market, with that you need to beat your competition in every way possible if you’re looking to get ahead. Who doesn’t want to get ahead of their competition? We’re going look at how you can make use of modern social media to advertise your RSPS.

The Basics

To start, you’re going to want to register a YouTube, Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram for your RSPS. Feel free to register on other social networks but these are the 4 main ones that you’re going to use. You generally want to fill out the bio, add your website link and make sure you have a catchy profile picture and cover photo. This does wonders and will show people that you’re professional. I’d also recommend to add a box onto your website where it tells people to like your page.

If you’re not a programmer you’re in luck as a service called AddThis has done all the hard work, all you do is input some information and it gives you a code to place into your website. They also have a bunch of other tools to get you ahead in social media and we’d highly recommend you take a look at all of them.  Now let’s get into some specifics for each individual social network, shall we?


Everyone between the ages of 5-75 has heard of Facebook, it’s extremely popular and has millions of visitors a day. Facebook decided they wanted more money so they made it so that every time your page posts something only 4-6% of the people who like your page see your post. This makes advertising on Facebook very hard, Facebook should mainly be used to post updates, you’re most likely not going to get many players from Facebook unless you have an already large player base. I’d recommend to post on Facebook once or twice every few days.


Instagram is all about photo sharing. Millions upon millions of photos are shared on Instagram every week and it’s a very powerful advertising tool if done correctly. You’re going  to want to create a Instagram for your RSPS post once a day. Post updates, news, little video clips and more. Make sure that you make use of hash tags and use hash tags that are relevant to your RSPS. You wouldn’t want to put #food if you’re trying to get new players for a RSPS. Instead use, #runescape #rsps #gaming #pcgaming and stuff like that. Make sure you interact with your fans and go like other gaming pictures as well. You’d be surprised at how well this works.


I think of Twitter as more of a news source then anything. On Twitter you can post smaller status updates once or twice a day just letting the players know what you’re doing. Just like Instagram you’re going to want to use #runescape #rsps #gaming #pcgaming and other gaming hashtags, get creative as well! Post small snippets of code you’re working on, images of new updates, let people know what’s coming this weekend and inform people about future events. Twitter is your friend!


YouTube is often overlooked yet it’s probably the most powerful advertising solution as far as social media goes.  YouTube can be used to upload your promotional videos, keep players updated and even upload player made videos. If players on your server are PKing and making videos offer to upload there PKing videos to the official channel of the server, in return you can throw a link to there channel in the description.  YouTube is a very powerful advertising platform and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re going to use any of these social networks I’d recommend YouTube as being the most effective.


Remember, stay persistent. Try to have a schedule in order to keep track of when you post, use social media tools that allow you to post on multiple social networks at once. You should be taking advantage of as many of the tools you can as people created them to make things easier. If you have any questions, concerns or comments let us know in the comments, we always like hearing from the community!