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  1. March, the month in which we defeated vote bots!

    RSPS fans! We’ve reached the end of the month March. The month in which we have announced that we would be taking heavy action against voting bots and cheaters in general. Did we succeed? Yes, we did. In fact, the results are stunning. In just 23 days time we have manually: filtered more than 140.000 […]

  2. Top RSPS List moderation

    Lately we have been receiving more reports and complaints about an increment of cheated votes on the RSPS list. Apparently, cheating has become a trend again. Today we’re here to announce that our toplist moderation team is back in operation. The team has been equipped with new tools to filter out false votes and de-list […]

  3. RuneLocus, the 10 Years Anniversary!

    Hi everyone, When I started this website and journey 10 years ago, I had absolutely no idea what RuneLocus would become. It was nothing more than a hobby project and a place to keep in touch with others. But the community kept growing and we built a major network of RSPS players, managers veterans and […]

  4. Question: Who would win?

    The age old question asked on RuneLocus, who would win? Are you the winner? You can post your answers in this post or on the Facebook post! Credit: Redditor /u/JoshPlaysRS POST ANSWER

  5. Which RuneScape version do you like most?

    We’ve asked you this question three years ago too, but we’re curious to see if opinions have changed. Which RuneScape version do you like most? Post your comment here or on our Facebook page! POST REPLY

  6. A new look & feel for RuneLocus

    The overall look and feel of RuneLocus has been drastically updated to make it easier for you to navigate and to find, make or manage a RSPS. What’s your opinion on the new look and feel? A fresh look and feel that is also working for mobile phones Improved usability to help you browse easier […]

  7. RSPS and Its 10th Anniversary image

    RuneScape private servers are not new, I’m sure most of you know that. But did you know the first RSPS was released more than 10 years ago? And did you know it was a single player game? The RSPS scene came to life in 2004. A select group of people were interested in the RuneScape […]

  8. Performance upgrades image

    Today we’re here to announce that we’ve made performance updates to our website. Result of the updates is the fact that the website is a lot more stable and loads faster than it used to do. The update process isn’t fully complete yet as we’re tweaking it even more. But for now: start enjoying the […]

  9. Connection issues fixed image

    For the past few weeks a few visitors have been reporting connection issues to our website. Just a small percentage of visitors had this issue, making it really hard to trace the source of the problem. Today however (with help from some of our forum members) we can announce that the connection issues have been solved. The […]

  10. Writing catchy slogans for your RSPS image

    In the past weeks I’ve been browsing through tens of server entries on the RuneScape private server toplist and noticed something extra ordinary: a major amount of the RS private servers use the same slogan (or a similar one). But this wasn’t all I noticed… none of these slogans were catchy at all and I was even annoyed when I saw a […]