What makes a RSPS worth playing?

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By now you’ve probably played your fair share of Runescape Private Servers however you’re now looking to play a new one? We think it’s important that you know what to look for when deciding what RSPS to play so that your time and effort that you dedicate to the server is not wasted. Today we’re going to look at one of the private servers on our toplist and explain some of the reasons we believe its worth playing and what to look for when searching for a new Private Server to play.

If you visit our RSPS List you will find a list of Runescape Private Servers listed by the amount of votes they have had in the calendar month which can be a good indication to how popular that server is. Today we’re going to look at a server that is currently ranked second on our toplist and discuss some of the reasons we feel like it’s worth playing and how to spot those features in your future searches to help prevent you wasting your time on a server that just doesn’t cut it. Rank 2 on our toplist is Elkoy RSPS, We’ve chosen Elkoy because it is a server that has only just recently opened and joined our toplist; It’s been growing incredibly fast so we’re going to take a look into why and let you know what to look for in a good RSPS!

A first impression can be a very telling one.

A quick two minute check across the servers website can tell you a lot before even logging in! When visiting a new RSPS the first thing you’re going to want to do is to judge if it’s even worth downloading before spending any time on it, a good private server owner will take care of every aspect of the game. From the first look and feel of the site to the updates and community feedback, we’re going to show you what can give an indication a server is great and also some deal breakers.

When first visiting Elkoy RSPS you will notice a unique and exciting website design, a good RSPS will spend time to make sure their website is well designed and has all the information you need. A bad private server will make it hard for you to find what you need and this probably also indicates they haven’t spent the time to care about your opinion, already a sign on your first visit that it’s not worth your time!

If you’re like us, you enjoy interacting with hundreds of players on a private server as this makes the game fun. Having players to fight in the wilderness, players to battle through minigames with you and also players to become your friends and speak to are all things we want from a RSPS so it’s vital that you find a private server with a friendly and active community to ensure that these feats are possible. Some private servers show their player count on their websites, recently however we’ve noticed these counts can be exaggerated and are not always accurate thus being deceitful. A good way to find out if a server has an active community without even logging in is to take a look at their forums, for example we took a look at Elkoys Community Forum and it’s clear to see active threads and posts as well as many concurrent users browsing the forum, this is a great indication that the community at Elkoy is an active and social one.

If you’ve now decided that the community at first glance is one you’d be willing to invest your time and effort into then you’re going to want to download the server, this can also be another telltale of a good or bad Runescape private server. If the play/download button simply initiates a download of a jar file then this can be a bad sign, this can show that this RSPS has a lack of information available regarding the game in case of issues that arise. Upon pressing play on Elkoy RSPS we are shown a download page with information readily available, on this page we can find an installer for various systems as well as a guide on how to resolve any issues you may occur. Imagine investing hours, perhaps even days of your life to one day find that the game you’ve been spending your time on no longer loads and you have no idea why!

We haven’t even logged into the private server yet and already we have established some things to look for when deciding if a RSPS is worth playing, their is also some things you can look for when first logging into a server before actually investing your time leveling your stats and grinding items.

When logging into a RSPS for the first time spend a brief few minutes just evaluation the server, is the server easy to navigate and does the experience rate suit your preference? Upon logging in to any Runescape private server you should be introduced into a Tutorial, if you’re not introduced with a tutorial then this could be a sign of a private server that is difficult to grasp and a lack of care for the users experience. When logging into Elkoy we are invited to an optional tutorial, this helped us learn our way around the game and ensured our time was well spent when we began playing. You should also scout for staff members upon logging in, a server with no staff or inactive staff members can be a disaster and the death of a server if no one is able to moderate a severe situation if one should arise. On Elkoy we were able to find staff members around the server as well as being able to check what ones were online using a command, it was also a great help to know I could message any of them for almost instant help with any questions I had allowing me to enjoy the game.

Hopefully we’ve given an insight to just a few of the things you can do when looking for a new Runescape Private Server, use these tips to prevent you wasting your time grinding on a server that will only let you down.

You can find more top runescape private servers to play at RSPS List, you can also visit the server we have analysed in this blog post at www.Elkoy.org – Elkoy, the fastest growing RSPS.

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    Elkoy is an awesome server that’s why it’s worth playing :)