Reviewing SoulPlay, one of the most popular servers!

Hi everyone,

The SoulPlay RSPS has been holding the #1 spot on our RSPS list, as wel as several other RSPS lists, for a long time. Despite the overall RSPS having a smaller population, SoulPlay is one of the few servers that still manages to have 600+ players online.

To us, this was reason enough to explore the popular server and write an in-depth review for you with a lot of remarkable things.

What makes SoulPlay so popular?

The SoulPlay server has been up and running for several years without any problems. Most likely because the team behind SoulPlay puts an extensive amount of time and effort into caring for the server, as well as players (whether they are veterans or newcomers).
A look at the SoulPlay Forum shows they nicely document their weekly updates and listen to their all of their player’s suggestions.

SoulPlay’s Staff Team is very quick and responsive to any support that their players require, as they believe that a structured Staff Team and support system is essential to ensure that their players continue to love SoulPlay.

Flawless Castle Wars & Soul Wars

The thing that stuck out the most is the number of flawless mini-games that SoulPlay has to offer.
Don’t you miss the good old days where everyone was playing Castle Wars and Soul Wars? We do!
The active and rewarding multiplayer mini-games is a big reason why SoulPlay is such a great and popular server.

SoulPlay website – a great first impression!

When looking at the Landing Page on their website we could see that they spend countless hours working with talented developers to make sure that everything is presented nicely.
Having a good first impression is crucial for every RSPS, and SoulPlay has succeeded at this. A good website gives the players an idea on how wonderful the server is. There are many servers with a very good landing page and almost every one of have enjoyable content. However, one of the ways that SoulPlay stands out is with their competition boards you can find on their website. These include:

  • Player Highscores
  • Clan Highscores
  • Ironman Highscores
  • Boss Highscores
  • PvP Highscores
  • Achievement Highscores.

SoulPlay also offers a user panel where players can manage their account and add extra security to their account, this already makes SoulPlay look like a very promising server.

All about PvP

Now lets dig into the PvP part, we all know that almost everyone loves fighting other players in the wilderness. SoulPlay believes that active and enjoyable pking is a very important thing to have, and as well with an easy way to grant the levels and equipment you want to get into the PvP scene as quickly as possible.

Once logged into SoulPlay, we immediately noticed an active PKing environment at Edgeville. Promising!
When we take a look at the PvP scene on Soulplay, we discovered that a massive amounts of players enjoy, or even love, the Edgeville 1v1 PKing.
SoulPlay is also home to many Multi PKing clans that love to fight it out between each other in the deep levels of the wilderness.

Open and friendly community

We here at RuneLocus are a very open community and we believe that is what builds a strong and enjoyable community.
When we started taking a look into SoulPlay we could already see on the Forums the massive amount of Helpers, in-game Moderators, Forum Moderators and Administrators that will instantly assist you with any help that you need. There is also a help chat in-game that is controlled by the Staff Team and is a very friendly place where new and old players come together to help each other quickly.

When first starting the server, you will be taken into a tutorial guide that will show newer players all of the amazing things that SoulPlay has to offer. After this, you are free explore in a friendly and welcome community.