In this quick little tutorial I (Raw Envy) will be showing you how you can change any text that currently says ‘Runescape’ or a server name that you don’t want, into whatever you want it actually to be – typically your servers name. Also please bare in mind any custom added interfaces in RsInterface may also contain different text to what you want, so take a look around in there too.

Changing your client name:

So to do what we stated above, simple follow the below steps:

1. Open up and search for “if(rsInterface.type == 3)” and you should see a bunch of if statements similar to that, but simple just add the below code underneath what we searched for.

[code language=”java”]if (rsInterface.type == 4) {
rsInterface.message = stream.readString().replaceAll(
"RuneScape", "Server Name");
rsInterface.aString228 = stream.readString();

2. Change the “Server Name” to whatever you want!

3. Go to and look for something that looks like this: “setTitle(“Notoriou’s Client”);”

4. Change the title string to whatever you want the frame of your client to be named, the chances are that this code is already there so simply just change it and your done!

ss (2014-05-29 at 10.30.53)

ss (2014-05-29 at 10.32.59)

Changing your Cache name:

Now that we have changed all of the names of your client we should most likely also do it for the cache itself, complete the following steps to do so:

1. Open up

2. Find “public static String findcachedir()”

3. This method finds whether you have a cache of the name you set already created, if not it will create the cache. What we want to do is replace any strings of text from “/NotoriousCache/” or whatever it might be to what you want your cache to be named..

4. Once you have changed the name of the cache in this method and possible in “public static String sencondDir()” you are done!

I hope this helped you out, thanks for reading!

– Raw Envy