In this tutorial I (Raw Envy) will be going through everything that is essential for a good and successful Runescape server. I will be including everything, from your website, to your server and also how you run things! In the past I have managed and been the owner of many big servers, including my current server so you will be getting advice from someone who knows what there doing.

Server requirements:

To start with I will be going over the server requirements that are essential to run a good server. So the best way to do this will be if I just give you the straight key facts bullet pointed and possible expand on some aspects of them.

  • Good content – this is a pretty obvious one but good content is a real essential and it gives the players lots to do in-game. Not only will good content do this, it will also bring you in more players if your server has a reputation of having good and unique content that other servers lack.
  • Uniqueness – make your server have things that no other server does, if you make your server exclusive to others then people will find this really interesting and want to stay.
  • Regular updates – players love to know that the game is progressing with its content and isn’t just going to stay the same, people like changes to be made and more additions to the per existing content that is available.
  • Server up-time – this is a MUST when it comes to hosting a server, I personally learnt this the hard way when my server was at a peak of 350 players and I started having real up-time issues. Make sure that your up-time is as close to 100% as it can be! Whenever your server is down and players want to get on and play, they may look for another server in the mean time..
  • Well thought out – think in the eyes of the player in every aspect of game play, everything must be just right for your players. Also allow your community to give as much input as they can! This can be achieved from hosting content polls, other polls, letting them give feedback and also by interacting with them to see what they want.
  • Listen to the players – a successful server must go with what the players want and not what you or any other of the staff/management team want!


Website requirements:

Next we will be going over the best ways to have a creative, well thought out and user friendly website. Remember that some users may even spend more time on the website/forums than they will in game!

  • Easy to navigate around – make sure that all navigation on your website is easy to find, all pages are easily accessible and that nothing is off limits in terms of navigation.
  • Key elements – be sure you highlight the main two elements you want exposed, this being getting users to register on your forums and secondly getting users in game and playing! So make sure that webclient/client links are very easy to find, maybe even a play now page is good and also make sure you get people to register on your site so they can get involved within the community itself.
  • Advertise yourself – on your website you want the support of your players as this leads to them getting more involved involved and in touch with your server. To do this you want to have social media widely available (click here for why social media is so important), allow users to help you advertise – provide links to advertisement threads etc and finally try and hype up coming updates and such.
  • Support for users – if a user has an issue with anything such as donations, in game bugs, glitches or whatever it may be, make sure that they have places to report it and be sure to reply to these! Think of a website you use and imagine if a problem occurred and you weren’t shown any support in fixing whatever issue you may have, you wouldn’t be very pleased or want to continue using the service, would you?

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Management requirements:

The way that you manage your server will determine how your players will take the server, if you manage it well and professional then they will support you and stay with the server. If however you run it sloppy and take it as a joke then it won’t get very far and you wont get a good solid community behind you – remember word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement!

  • Interactivity with community – this is essential if you want to keep dedicated and loyal players! You need to know your community and get involved within it, this means to replying to players questions, concerns, help or even just making conversation with them. And as I said earlier let them have a say in what goes on!
  • Professionalism – I know it’s just a Runescape server, however it’s still like a business like anything else would be.. You need to approach everything with a professional manner. This means using consistency in grammar, content, design, interactivity and everything. Be sure when announcing big changes or upcoming events that your professional about it, of course you can still have a laugh and a sense of humor but a mix between the two is essential.
  • Support/interactivity & Good staff team – like I mentioned before, support for users is essential and so is interactivity. A good server also needs a good staff team that are behind it, this means helpful, outgoing and active staff members! Make sure that you and your server hierarchy interact with your players.

I hope that this tutorial has helped you and given you more of an insite on what is required for a successful server to be ran!

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–  Raw Envy