Thread Tuesday: Which Superpower Would You Choose?

runescape private server revision poll

If you could have any superpower of your chose which would you pick? You can only have one and once you have the superpower you’re not aloud to switch to another one and you’ll be stuck with it for the rest of your life.

As you can imagine this is a very interesting thread as you have 25 superpowers to pick from and you can only choose one. We’re interested in what the rest of the community had to say, you can check out the thread here.

Throwback Thursday: Famous PKers

Today I was sifting threw old PKing videos on one of my hard drives and it gave me an idea, as it is after all Throwback Thursday to showcase some of Runescapes best PKers throughout the times.

Below are some videos that I found sitting around the edge of YouTube of some of the most iconic PKers in Runescape.



Kids Ranqe:


Joja 3000:


I Mahatma I:


Here are some of the best PKers to have ever logged onto Runescape. Let us know in the comments who your favorite PKer is/was and give us some links to videos and explain why you think it makes them the best.


Thread Tuesday: Road to Completionist Cape

One of our own members on the Content Team is doing the unthinkable, they’re going for the Completionist cape. This isn’t like they’ve started a fresh account either and they’re years away. Surprisingly they’re dedicated and will most likely get the cape in the upcoming months. They have plenty of 99′s to show off and a whole thread on the Runelocus forums to track his progress.

Up-to-date requirements: All skill levels at maximum (99 in all skills) 120 Dungeoneering – 112/120 All quests completed (Including Odd Old Man’s wish list and Fur ‘n’ Seek) All tasks completed All magic spells unlocked from Livid Farm Bones to Peaches unlocked from the Mage Training Arena Unlocked the Tune Bane Ore spell from a scroll in Ritual of the Mahjarrat All Varrock Museum Kudos earned Unlock Rapid Renewal prayer Unlocked all Music tracks Completed the Hopespear’s Will miniquest Completed the Curse of Zaros miniquest Completed the Fight Kiln Returned Clarence to rest Reached the end of the Stronghold of Player Safety Hunted the Thalassus ten times after the Deadliest Catch quest Claimed a reward from Claus the chef for doing him a favour after completing Carnillean Rising Have scored at least 1,111 in a session of Big Chinchompa Completed all of Doric and Boric tasks following What’s Mine is Yours Earned ‘the Annihilator’ title by fighting all four nihil at once, during or after Fate of the Gods Found all memoriam crystals on Freneskae Completed all Fremennik Sagas Unlocked the Enhanced yaktwee stick by catching 1,000 charm sprites Constructed a Tuska mask Completed either the Hyu-Ji, Quin or Eastern Curiosities storyline from your Port Found all the pieces of the Reefwalker’s Cape forgotten scroll Completed the Mahjarrat Memories miniquest Recovered all 14 of Bandos’s memories on Yu’biusk Earned “the Reaper” title from Death

Above is a little snippet from the thread. If you’d like to read more and join in on the discussion sign up and get talking here.

Thread Tuesday: Would You Spend 1 Year In Jail For $1M?

For Thread Tuesday this week we’re going to be showcasing a thread that brings an interesting poll and question to table. If you got paid 1,000,000 dollars ($1m) would you spend one whole year in jail?

The thread states the following..


So would you spend 1 whole year in prison for 1 million dollars if you were ever given the chance? It’d be an average prison, you’d be given food everyday, a place to sleep and all the other things a prison is required to give you.

Some Pros

  • You get a million dollars
  • You get free food
  • You have time to work out and read
  • You could become someones bitch and get raped.
  • You could get killed
  • You could get really bored and want to die

Vote on the poll above and let me know in the comments below why or why not you would do this?

Thread URL:


Let us know in the comments of the thread! If you’re not already a member our forums you should become one as soon as possible!

Interview: Co-Owner of Runelocus

Hey Cart, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Over the past few years you had a huge impact on Runelocus and much of it’s success can be traced back to the decisions and moves you made. He can be found on the Runelocus forums here.  Let’s get started with the questions.

How’d you find out about RuneLocus and why’d you join?

I joined RuneLocus after the backlash against Jagex due to the Wilderness & Trading changes. After playing on a RuneScape Private Server called ‘EmberScape 562′ I joined RuneLocus in 2009 but was rarely active until the HDD crash of 2010 in which RuneLocus began anew.

When did you get appointed to co-owner and how’d that happen?

Shortly after becoming a Sectional Moderator another administrator had stepped down, Ikiliki being busy with his DJ career appointed me administrator on July 2013.

What exactly is your job at RuneLocus?

  •  Forums: Moderate and interacting with the community, implement suggestions and ideas from forum members.
  • Top-list:  Lightly moderate votes and top-list entries.

Where do you see RuneLocus in 5 years?

It is undeniable that RuneScape & RuneScape Private Servers are losing popularity by the time it all ends I hope to transform RuneLocus into something else, perhaps even a gaming website.

Do you have a job outside of RuneLocus? What are your qualifications and skills?

At the moment I am a full-time student (Uni level).

Do you have any hobbies?

RuneLocus is currently my only hobby.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I’d like to encourage as many of you to register on our forums, even server owners benefit from registering there. We provide many services and assistance to server owners, players and even those willing to make their own server.



Thanks for participating in this interview Cart. We’re now going to allow people to ask you questions in the comments section. If you’d like to ask a question do so and it will be answered by him when he gets a chance. Please ask questions in a polite manner.