A NPC is a non-playable-character, such as a monster, bank keeper or guard. In order to have a successful RuneScape private servers, you’ll definitely need to think of your NPC placement. Placing a NPC in your RuneScapep rivate server is really easy.

In your source files you’ll see a spawn.cfg, spawn.config or similar file (in modern sources usually inside a ‘cfg’ folder). Open this file in Notepad, and you’ll see something similar as the below:

spawn = 9	3077	3504	0	1	0	0	0	Guard

What you’ll need to do is copy one of the lines, and paste it on a new line. After that you’ll edit the numbers, simple, no?! 🙂

The first number (nine in the example above) is the ID number of the NPC. In the above example, ID 9 is a guard. The next two numbers (3077 and 3504) are the coordinates of the NPC. The first number is the X-coordinate, and the second is the Y-coordinate.

Make sure to write the name of your NPC (and eventually some information about the location) on the end. If you don’t, you might get confused in the future.