Although all staff teams are different, here are some tips to managing your staff team if you are new to running RSPS.


  • Pay attention to what time zones your staff play at. It is best to have a compact team that can cover a large range of time throughout the say.
  • Switch staff often. It’s good to rotate the responsibility and let others get to try there hand at a position.
  • Demote people when needed. Don’t be afraid that if you demote someone they will quit. It’s easy to take the moderators side but if enough people complain about them, it might be time to let them go.
  • Look for players who seem delicated to the server. It will look bad on your part if you promote somebody and they quit a week later. If someone has invested a lot of time, money, or resources into a server, they probably are not planning on leaving anytime soon.


  • Premote people asking for positions often. They are many types of “staff hunters” but the kind that list reasons why they should be a moderator usually end up being the worst.
  • Promote people with ridiculously high post counts. If there post count is in the hundreds when your servers only 2 days old, it means one of two things. 1. They are trying to be recognized as a good canidate for a staff position, or 2. They are posting random uneeded post as a way to increase there post count. High post count doesn’t always mean good staff (Sorry Cart!)
  • Make moderators a lifetime job. If a pplayer’s activity starts to go down, ask them if they would consider resigning to give someone else a chance to help the server.
  • Advertise open staff positions. This doesn’t attract players, it attracts “staff hunters”. Refrain from this unless its accually true.
  • Obviously to me personally there are a lot more Dos and don’ts to follow. But managing your staff team is like making your server, everyone’s is different. With this in mind hopefully you should be on your way to a great staff team in no time