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Are you tired of playing someone else’s RuneScape private server, and would you like to know how to make a RuneScape private server for yourself? You’re at the right place, in this RSPS tutorial we will point you towards the right directions to help you create a RuneScape private server.

Creating a succesful and busy RuneScape private server with hundreds of players will take a long time because you’ll have to learn all the ins and outs, but creating a basic RSPS your friends can play on is quite easy.

How to make a RuneScape private server

In this tutorial we’ll deal with the following points:

  1. Downloading and installing Java (JRE/JDK)
  2. Downloading all necessary files (server/client) for your RSPS
  3. Port forwarding your router/modem
  4. Preparing and running your RuneScape private server

1. Downloading and installing Java (JDK)

To play RuneScape you will need to install Java’s JRE package, you’ve already installed this. To create a RSPS however, you will also need to download Java’s JDK package (JDK = Java Development Kit).

To download JDK so you can start creating your RSPS, please visit the Oracle website at: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.htm.

2. Downloading RuneScape private server files (server/client)

Okay, so you’re wondering how to make a RuneScape private server. There’s a few (simple) things you should know.

A RuneScape private server has two sides, a client-side and a server-side. The client-side is the applet that your players will load and use to play your RSPS. The server-side is a program only you will have and see, it is the big secret behind your RSPS. The client your players load will connect to your server-side program.

Making a RuneScape private server from scratch requires a lot of programming knowledge and time, which is why we (and most other servers) will use a pre-made client and server (‘RSPS source’). There’s many of these RSPS sources around, in fact we have a forum with hundreds of RuneScape private server sources.

Each source has its unique features, which is why we cannot directly point  you to a source. It’s completely up to your own preference. Register an account on our forum and check out the download forum, you can find it here.

3. Hosting your RuneScape private server

You now have your RuneScape server files, but before others will be able to play, you’ll need to get it online. That’s what we call hosting a RuneScape private server.

Hosting a RuneScape private server can be done through two methods:

  • hosting it on your own computer
  • hosting it on a rented ‘virtual server’

The first method is of course easier and completely free, but the downside is the fact that you’ll need to keep your computer online 24/7 in order for your players to be able to connect. That is why we recommend you to rent a virtual private server, they’re really cheap. Prices even start at $5 USD per month.

Please check out our “Determining a RSPS host” tutorial for a list of virtual server hosts and more information. Come back to this “How to make a RuneScape private server” tutorial once you’re done!

4. Preparing and running your own RuneScape private server

You have the files and a host, what are you waiting for? Get your server up!

You can start up your own RuneScape server by opening the “Run.bat” file (exact file name might variate depending on the source/version you are using) that comes with the RSPS source files you have downloaded.

Congratulations! Your RuneScape private server is now online!

5. Advertise your RuneScape private server

You now know how to make a RuneScape private server, but there are no players yet. We’ve set up a “How to advertise a RSPS” guide to help you start off a good RuneScape private server advertising campaign. You can find it here: http://www.runelocus.com/tutorials/rsps-advertising/


If you want to develop your RuneScape private server, or have any questions, please ask us on our forum. If you still can not figure out how to make a Runescape Private Server, then please submit a thread on our forum located here. We’re always willing to help you!