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RuneScape Private Servers (RSPS) are online games based on the original RuneScape. They are safe and made by independent individuals who’re interested in gaming and the development of games. Unlike real RuneScape, they are not managed by companies.
It is not illegal to play at all. There are however, some legal questions regarding hosting your own RuneScape server. As a host of your own server, you must keep in mind that your RuneScape gaming server has no legal value. The game requires certain graphics, for which Jagex controls the copyrights. Playing however, is fully legal.
Yes, it's definitely possible to make your own RuneScape private server. It's fun and interesting, but not as easy at it might seem. To learn more about development of your RuneScape server, we recommend you to check out our forum. We have plenty of tutorials teaching you how to make one yourself.
The first private server was named ‘Winterlove’, but it was not comparable to what RS private servers are today. It was created solely for cheating purposes. At the time Winterlove was created, RuneScape was at its highest peak. The economy was great and people did their best to create bots to make even more money. Winterlove was created as a testing environment to test these RS bots. It took quite a while before Winterlove actually became a server for people to play on.
Even though real RuneScape and a private server may look similar, the concept can deviate. A few examples of why people prefer private servers over real RuneScape are:
  • It is easier to get ahold of rare items.
  • Gaining higher levels takes less time and effort.
  • Frequent updates to the game.
  • Close community and direct chats with mods.
A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.
Yes, it is very safe to play. Around 2007, some people injected their server with malware, but that time has passed and the scene became very commercial. All games on our list are safe to play.
All RuneScape private servers are updated frequently, sometimes even daily, making it almost impossible to tell what server is most popular. The popularity of a server can change on a daily basis. We’ve seen servers peaking at the top of our list for months or years, but we’ve also seen some servers coming and disappearing within one week.
RuneLocus is a famous resource for RSPS, and was established in 2007. The website is supported by a big community, teaching people about the development and management of RuneScape private servers. Next to that, RuneLocus is known of its first RSPS list ever invented.
No, they will not shut down. Individual servers however, might shut down. Most servers are created by individuals who’re just running the game on a hobby basis. There is always a chance someone loses motivation, and decides to shut down the RuneScape server.



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