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For 15 years, RuneLocus has been the leading platform for RuneScape private servers. The RSPS list has been used by thousands of servers, and hundreds of thousands of players. Use it to find the top servers of this month, and filter it down to your own needs. Are you looking for new servers only? Use the New RSPS list to find the most popular recently launched games.

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REDEMPTION | Do ref ::runelocus for fast start!

Voice Chat | Rs3 1 to 1 Bosses | All 1 to 1 OSRS RAIDS | F2P starter set | 100+ Custom Bosses and monsters | $1000 giveaways | Active 7+ years | Mobile | New Content Regularly


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OSRS Custom Server | Taming Skill | Unique Edgeville | Raids 1 & 2 | Custom Raids | Realistic Custom Items | Custom Interfaces | Custom Bosses & Areas


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WildyPk - Spawn

The Nightmare | Weapon Upgrades & Enchating | Raids 1 | Wilderness Group Bosses | | Shooting Stars | Inferno | Custom Home Area | Wilderness Bosses & Monsters | Wilderness Slayer Master | Custom Items


0 votes

Wintersoul OSRS

199 OSRS | Semi-Custom| Automated Gambling | Great Olm | Nightmare Boss | Runelite Hiscores | GIM | Wintertodt | Trading Post | Inferno | Amazing PvM & PvP | World Event Bosses | 3 EXP Modes | 3 Ironman Modes | Much MORE!!!


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Wisdom OSRS

Wisdom OSRS

Ironman ModesPre-EOCPvMPvPRuneLite


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Xerics 718 loading 902- has many features and content to love, its one of the many reason I bring you this server there isn't a discord bot yet that will let players chat from discord to in game or vise versa all of this is currently being worked on


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Zamron World 2

Custom unique RSPS with a great experience!


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Zeah Rsps

Joins the 1# custom server!



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317|PvP Tournaments | Bounty Hunter | PK Incentive | Revenants | PvP Equipment | Custom RuneLite | Clan Wars | | Perfect Boss Mechanics | Grand Exchange and Player Shops | Raids | Inferno|Flower poker|and much more!


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Grinderscape 317 - Economy Server & Oldschool Bossing Experience

GamblingIronman ModesPvMPvP


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⚔️Tanoth 2 - [667]

Tanoth 2 | 7 Game Modes | Working G.E | Mini-Quests | Content Packed

Ironman ModesPre-EOCPvMPvP


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⚔️Zaryte │ Nex │OSRS


GamblingIronman ModesPvMPvPRuneLite


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⭐ASPROJECT - Economy, Custom Raids, LFG Tool, Dungeons, Unique RSPS Server

Ironman ModesPvMPvP


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🔥 Arigon 🔥

Perfected Combat | RuneLite | Full Skilling | Tons of Unique Bosses | Daily Tournaments | Custom Clan Chat | Various Game Modes | Achievements | Much More

GamblingIronman ModesPvMPvPRuneLite


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🦹 Ashihama 🦹

117 HD - Perfect Ecomomy - Vote Boss - World Bosses - Tournaments - Automated Flower Poker - Group Ironman - Custom Pets with Perks - Treasure Hunter Event

GamblingIronman ModesPvM

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What is a RSPS?

A RSPS is a game based on the RuneScape MMORPG. Unlike real RuneScape however, private servers are created and managed by private gaming enthusiasts. Many players prefer playing on a RSPS because it's usually less time consuming to achieve certain goals (such as levels).

Are all RSPS' votes legit?

Yes! For many years, our RSPS list has being considered the most legitimate RSPS toplist. We're actively monitoring the votes, and our advanced voting system is capable of detecting all common cheating methods. Illegitimate votes are automatically removed within minutes.

When are the vote counters reset?

The vote counters are reset every first of the month (00:00 UTC). We're doing this to give all servers a fair chance. After the vote counter reset, you are still able to see a server's historical vote data.

Are the vote counters updated instantly?

No, the vote counters on the RSPS list are updated every 15 minutes.

What is a Server of the Week?

The Server of the Week (SOTW) is an award that is given to a random RSPS every week. For more information and requirements about the SOTW, click here.

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