About Ares-rsps

best server in town!


Pre EOC Semi-Custom
* Custom Cosmetics/Items/Pets with unique effects
* Custom boxes
* Trading Post(GE)
* Upgrade Pool
* Economy-PK based (Blood money as currency)
* Chamber of Xeric/Theatre of Blood
* Wilderness World Bosses
* Custom bosses for votes and donations!
* Highly active discord community! No forums necessary
* Beautiful Donator ::dz and Super Donator ::dz2 areas
* Custom Titles
* Community Help Clan Chat
* Brand new Collection Log, Searchable Drop tables
* Extensive Teleport Interface
* Achievements, Daily Rewards
* AFK Skilling/AFK points/Loyalty points and rewards
* Full diaries
* Bounty Hunter System/Wilderness Slayer


Ares-rsps RSPS screenshot 1
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