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Astral718 RS3 RSPS


We are a private server of RuneScape 718 protocol revision build it’s the last revision build of RuneScape before they pushed the EOC update. In other words, it’s the best RS2 can ever be!

We are also loading the Rs3 cache revision! It is simply a fact that we are both on latest RS2 protocol build while loading latest RS3 data while of course still offering the most epic custom content.

Aster is 718 PRE-EOC loading RS3.


Special content:

  • Rebirth/Prestige
  • +100 Achievements
  • +25 Bosses
  • +20 Minigames
  • Co-op Slayer
  • Reaper Contracts
  • Great Tier bosses like Telos, Araxxor, Vorago
  • Nex: AoD
  • Custom Pre-Eoc Combat Codex System
  • Auto made server events
  • Daily Challenges
  • Unique Titles
  • Gwd1, Gwd2, Fight Caves, Fight Pits
  • Custom Mystery Boxes
  • Aura Manager System
  • Noxious Weaponry
  • Upgrade Gem, Upgraded Torva, Nex, Virtus
  • Custom Bosses
  • +Private Boss Instance
  • Seren Godbow
  • Group Ironman
  • Hardcore Ironman mode
  • PVP Content
  • Wilderness Forinthry Dungeon Events
  • PK Points shop
  • PVM Master shop
  • No Pay2Win
  • Great Stability server
  • Friendly Staff team
  • Amazing Server events & giveaways
  • Best Community & RSPS ever!


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