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Vanilla, 50+ Quests, Castle Wars, Fight Caves, Pest Control, Mage Training Arena

What is Vscape?

Vscape, by far is the closest you will get to the vanilla experience of 2006/2007 Runescape, over 50 quests, a whole load of mini-games which include Castlewars, Fight Caves, Duel Arena, Pest Control, Barrows and Mage training Arena.
The current EXP rate of vscape is only 2.25x, fullscreen mode, there's infinite run, regular moderation, a 99% uptime and we try to keep the game as true to vanilla as possible.

What quests are in Vscape currently?

Quests are added actively and for a good comparison on how frequently the game is updated, over just a year we have added already over 50 quests and a bunch of minigames.


Black Knights Fortress, Cook's Assistant, Demon Slayer, Doric's Quest, Dragon Slayer, Ernest the Chicken, Goblin Diplomacy, Imp Catcher, The Knights Sword, Pirate's Treasure, Prince Ali Rescue, The Restless Ghost, Romeo and Juliet, Rune Mysteries, Sheep Shearer, Shield of Arrav, Vampire Slayer, Witches Potion


Animal Magnetism, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Biohazard, Clock Tower, Death Plateau, Druidic Ritual, Dwarf Cannon, Elemental Workshop, Family Crest, Gertrudes Cat, Ghosts Ahoy, The Golem, The Grand Tree, Heroes Quest, Horror from the Deep, In Search of Myreque, Jungle Potion, Lost City, Merlins Crystal, Monkey Madness, Monk's Friend, Murder Mystery, Nature Spirit, Plague City, Priest in Peril, Recruitment Drive, Shilo Village, Temple of Ikov, Tree Gnome Village, Underground Pass, Waterfall Quest

And to top that all off, all quests work 100% as they should like in the original Runescape

What about events?

Vscape has events every so often from the normal Halloween, Christmas and Easter
To community oraganized events such as Castle Wars tournaments, Ladder based duel area events and even some wilderness events.
How frequent are the updates?

We push out as many quests as possible to keep the game fresh for old and new players alike, we also update with new mini-games when we can and we fixed bugs as soon as they are reported.

Donator benefits?

Nope, not a single one. We self fund the servers maintenance but you can choose to donate to the server if you are feeling generous. No one in this server is given the upperhand for their willingness to spend real life money.

Where can I download the client?

Since the client may get updated from time to time we just have the link available on the steam page instead of updating it here each time.


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