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Exora - Quality Custom Server - 300+ PLAYERS

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Exora 667 is a custom eco server aimed to bring a new rsps experience through new content such as NPCs, mini games, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing RS content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with bosses you've never encountered before. Fight alongside your friends in raids to obtain high end rewards, enjoy our new skilling content with new tools and fish to catch, paired with mining new rocks and ores to create powerful enchantments and weapons!



Our goal is to provide players with fresh content which they can count on every update. You can expect to see new weapons, skilling tools, skilling items (fish, herbs, rocks, etc), npcs and even new maps to hold these amazing creations. Exora truly redefines what it means to be a PROPER custom server. Below you will find just a few of the many things we have to offer, and much more to come in the future.

Custom Cave Map with Custom Monsters

Dark Matter Weaponry

Custom Armour Sets (There are more!)

Custom Equipments


You can start training Sailing by speaking to the shipyard worker and purchasing a sloop blueprint. As you level your Sailing skill you can purchase upgrades, new ships and spend your doubloons on special rewards. You earn doubloons by looting wrecked ships, that either are already in the area or by other player owned ships, npcs.
Sailing Starter:

In Sailing:






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