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Hand coded PvP bots|Active forums|Chances to earn Staff|Gamepoint system|Dwarf cannon|Vorago|Clan Banks|Fully Working Stealing Creation/Dungeoneering|Chicken fighting|Custom bosses |Prestige system|Iron Man Mode
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Hey guys. We're a cool new server with an unbelievable amount of content. Not only do we have your regular minigames like Pest Control and Clan Wars, but we have Dungeoneering and even Stealing Creation. That's right, we're one of the only servers with Stealing Creation. We don't stop there though. We have a completely custom Zombies minigame, where players will have to find their way through a dungeon filled with brain-eating zombies while trying to find the right keys for the right doors.

Do you like money? We've got gambling. Whether it be chicken gambling, dicing, or even scratch cards, we have it all. Who knows, maybe you'll want to get some rewards on the Squeal of fortune.

Let's cut to the chase. I know why you're really here.. You want to be the very best. You want Player vs. Monster like you haven't seen. Wait. You want Player vs. Player like you've never seen. Well, we have it. We have tons of bosses for you to fight. God Wars too easy? We have Corporeal beast, and Nex. Need harder bosses? Try Lucien. He is surely one of our most difficult bosses. Still looking for player vs player like you haven't seen? Our wilderness is full of pkers. The only thing missing is you. We have pkers of all combat levels and of all combat styles, including hybridding.


Hope to see you there, friend.

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